A Little Bit of Advice...

Hello Earthlings.

Tektak F. Mechanoid here and I've been looking at your Earthling news and I can't resist butting in with a little unsolicited advice.

1. Mark Sanford: Will someone get this guy a brain-scan? I mean come on, Michael Jackson dies, the only thing to get the mainstream media to drop a Republican scandal, and he goes and opens his big mouth, again, and again. He's gotta have like an aneurysm, or a brain tumor clouding his sense of reason.

My advice- get him some medical help, and his wife a damn good lawyer.

2. Cap & Trade: Crap & Raid is more accurate. This bill seeks to increase prices exponentially, destroy jobs, and hand Wall Street a whole new market more ephemeral than derivatives and sub-prime mortgages, otherwise known as carbon credit trading. And I haven't even touched the goodies for every political crook, crank and crackpot that it's going to dish out.

My advice- ditch it in the Senate, and anyone who votes for it should be voted out as soon as possible.

3. ObamaCare: Soon Americans will discover the joys of waiting 6 months to see a doctor, and another year to get a test, just like Canadians.

My advice- Forget the 50 million uninsured, the bulk of them can actually buy their own, but don't. Stick only to the 10 million chronically uninsured, and then you can do something. Either that or buy MoxArgon's android doctors and install them in every home. It's the only way you can get socialized health care to actually function.

4. Iran & North Korea: Both countries practice violent aggression against their neighbors and their own people, and both are working on nukes.

My advice- grow a pair, and do something.

I hope this advice is helpful.


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cmblake6 said...

Kill 'em all, let God sort 'em out.