A Few Random Thoughts by The Ruler of the Universe

Greetings puny Earthlings, sorry I've been away for a while, it's a busy life ruling the Known Universe. So here are a few random thoughts...


I'll tell you what's with the Czars, and why Obama has 30 of them to manage everything from your car to your colon, and everything in between.

The answer is simple. Obama loves control, but he hates all that democracy thing where his cronies candidates have to face any sort of public scrutiny, even from his pet poodles in Congress and the media. So he makes up a whole truckload of bogus positions, free from public scrutiny, and if anyone does ask a question about them, they get scolded for wanting to do nothing while some earthshaking disaster destroys civilisation around them.

There is no disaster, there is just the job of government, which is to be done by government, not a bunch of unelected political hacks from Chicago.


We've all had our encounters with the police in Cambridge Massachussetts police. I know I have thanks to your country's abundance of cheap liquor and prudish rules about going around without pants, but that still doesn't make what President Obama said right.

What he should have said was: "I may know Prof. Gates personally, but I am also the President, so I really shouldn't comment on something that I don't know all the facts of, and we'll leave it at that."

But he didn't. Instead he automatically decided that the Cambridge Police was the reincarnation of Bull Connor (who was also a Democrat) and that Gates wasn't screaming and ranting when he should have calmly shown the cop his ID, proving that it was his own home, and then politely said goodbye.

Obama let his mask slip, and revealed the racial grievance monger that he really is, and as his numbers continue to slip, expect him to start spreading that grief from the police, to the voters.


The man has pudding for brains.


What's with the rest of Obama's paperwork. We don't know how he paid for college, let alone what he did in university, or how he managed to become editor of the Harvard Law Review without a single piece of legal scholarship to his name, because those records are sealed.

Obama is keeping those things sealed not because he likes being a mystery, but because he must be a non-entity. He must make himself a blank slate so that his pet poodles in the press can fill it with their own wishful thinking. Finding out that he worked as a male prostitute (just a theory, because I don't know any different) to get through Columbia and Harvard would put something on that blank slate that can't be written over with the dreams of a bunch of guilty rich white liberals from the Hamptons.

Then there's this simple fact that debunks the "Birther's" conspiracy. If Obama was born in Kenya, he'd be an immigrant, and then he'd be a hell of a lot more patriotic toward the country that he currently leads.

It's that simple.

Keep watching the skies, because we're watching you.

PS: I think we need another round of "Ask The MoxArgon Group" so leave a question in the comments, and we'll answer them next week.

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Anonymous said...

Want questions? Well, here is one that has puzzled the greatest minds for centuries and gave more than a few good men one-way tickets into the nuthouse...

I understand that your temporary recon post on earth preceding your all-crushing invasion is in Canada. Tell me then:

Why are movies from Canada designated as being from "CDN"?

When I pick up my TV Guide (actually, the German equivalent), the country of origin for the movies is abbreviated. For Germany (or "Deutschland") it's "D". For the United States it's US or USA. For Great Britain it's GB (as in Großbritannien).

Notice how all those funky letters are in the right order? It's GB, not BG. Yet, it's CDN, even though in "Canada" there is no "N" after the "D". There is no more "N", dammit!

And German fishwrap was only the first time I noted this mind-bending alphabetical disorder. It's actually everywhere - Whenever "Canada" is abbreviated, it seems to be by "CDN".

It's almost as if Mark Twain had come back from his grave and taken sub-atomic revenge on me for what he described as "the awful German language" with its "processions of letters" instead of words.

But why? When I was born, Mark Twain was already dead for far more than half a century. I never even uttered a bad word about him, not even about his occasional semi-socialist beliefs. So why would he do this to me? Can you answer this, Mr Smartypants? Hm, can you? Well, I didn't think so.