Ask The MoxArgon Group: We have Answers!

MOXARGON- Greetings puny Earthlings. It's time for another long belated round of "Ask the MoxArgon Group." Joining me are the usual suspects, Xran, Android Cai/7, Varos, token Earthling correspondent Vox Poplar, and from Point-Counterpoint, Tektak F. Mechanoid, and Snotglob T. Mutant. Welcome aboard everyone. Now let's get to our first question.
Clinton asked... Maybe its my stupid racist retarded brain... but can you point out to me in that nasty old piece of paper us bitter clingers keep talking about where it says the govt will have anything to do with health care?? Just curious, must be the urge to suppress a minority that keeps me from seein it...
MOXARGON- Who want's to field this one?

XRAN- I'll take it. There is nothing in the US constitution that says that the government has to have anything to do with health care. However, we're talking about a left wing government here, so it really has nothing to with rights, or even health care. It's all about power and control.

MOXARGON- You're starting to sound like one of my "Leftist Mind" pieces.

XRAN- A broken clock is right twice a day.

MOXARGON- Aren't you clever. But to answer Clinton's question, the average Leftist wants to run your life, and there's no better way to run your life, than to literally have control over your health. Next question.
Fuloydo said... Why are Democrats?
MOXARGON- Let's ask a Democrat. Varos?

VAROS- There is no "why" with Democrats. Why is a question, and when Democrats are in power, asking questions make you a racist.

MOXARGON- So, Fuloydo, you are a racist. I would also like to add that you mother was a hamster, and your father smelled of elderberries. Next question.
Random Walker said... Since everything about Odumbo is fake, does he also fake his orgasms?
ANDROID CAI/7- Is this questioner asking about Zirox Odumbo?

TEKTAK- The Warlord of the Planet Izzaz? I didn't think he even heard of him. The Tharago Nebula is a long way away from this Earthling's Galaxy.

VOX- I'm an Earthling, and I heard of him.

TEKTAK- That's because you dated his sister. You don't count.

MOXARGON- I think this guy was talking about Barack Obama. And to answer his question, it's no. His orgasms are apparently real, he just has to be lying on a mountain of taxpayer debt in order to achieve climax. Next question. We have three from a guy named Porkchop. They are...
What do we need to do to get out from under this group od socialist anti-american douchebags?
MOXARGON- Android CAI/7 would you care to take this one?

ANDROID CAI/7- The only logical step is to first begin boycotting media outlets that serve as nothing but mouthpieces for this government. Then, vote as many as you can out in the 2010 elections. That is the key, and is the main reason Obama is moving so fast with his agenda. He knows that once past 2010, he will be a lame duck president in the middle of his first term. So he has to do everything now, including putting ACORN in charge of the census, because it's the only way he could possibly win in 2012. So keep standing up, and refuse to give them any excuse to smear you. They will smear you anyway, but don't give them the slightest thing to use against you.

MOXARGON- Good advice. Next from Porkchop...
I am sure you have seen this before in other worlds... do we need to start preparing for the Civil Revolution?... Civil being American vs. American and Illegal Aliens, Revolution because the people who enjoy liberty and freedom want to take it back... much like the guys in 1776 who everyone seems to have forgotten... they tended to write perfect documents, or can we get out of this with less violence?
MOXARGON- Now I don't see a civil war coming. The Left has realized that 30+ years of anti-gun rhetoric has left the left unarmed. What I do see is a real grassroots political movement causing Obama to stop being such a tool.
I often wonder about Gangsters.. or is Gangsta the appropriate term used today... i usually just call them worthless bastards who the world would be better off without... what i tend to wonder about is their weapons... i just saw this waste of sperm and eggs talking about how much he loves guns... i wonder how often they clean their weapons... i just cant imagine a whole bunch of G-Thuggins hanging out, cleaning their weapons while on breaks during man-love Thursdays... now the man love thing i can see them doing... giving a bad name to all the decent gay men and women worldwide... but... how do they keep their weapons functioning properly?

XRAN- Why am I given the criminal question?

MOXARGON- You are a pirate.

XRAN- Fine. It all depends on the individual gangster. I myself have a regular rotation where we clean and maintain our weapons so that we are always ready at all times. However, very few "gangstas" are that responsible or mature. Remember Voldek the Bloodreaper?

MOXARGON- Oh yeah, he pulled a gun on me and shot his own head off. That was one hell of a new year's party. And the lesson is, clean and maintain your firearms regularly. Next question:
Anonymous said... Did those two journalists Clinton just freed join the mile high club on the way back?
MOXARGON- Tektak you're no slouch as a pilot. What do you think?

TEKTAK- I don't think they did after their ordeal, which probably only got worse being stuck on a plane with President McFeely.
Chris in NC said... Now that the Earth has cooled for 11 years straight and this is the coldest summer on record for several cities, what punishment do you think befits the fraud Al Gore for his hoax and all the profit he made from it?
SNOTGLOB- What do you mean cooled? The Earth is on fire right now. In fact, it is warmer now in Texas than it was just six months ago!

TEKTAK- And that pretty much sums up the entire Global Warming movement.

MOXARGON- As for punishment, how about seizing the hundreds of millions Gore's currently making off of this hysteria, and using it to support the people who will lose their jobs because of Cap and Trade.
Chris in NC said... When the democrats enact their socialist medicine scheme despite popular disapproval, how many years do you think it will be until there is a French Revolution style uprising here in America? Or are we too far gone down the sheeple road?
MOXARGON- I don't expect these programs to survive past Obama's single term. Unless he succeeds in getting ACORN to decide the voter lists, and turns it into a federalized version of "card check" union elections. Then you will seriously be sheeple, because the only thing socialized medicine will pay for, will be mandatory lobotomies.
Chris in NC said... It's just not an "ask the MoxArgon Group" without a Billie Piper picture request. So can we please have another?
MOXARGON- Make your own deposit in the spank bank. I'm not here to supply you with cheesecake!

MOXARGON- Who put that there?
Chris in NC said... Even though the democrats have blown it over and over since January, what makes the republicans think they deserve another chance? is it arrogance or are they just counting on the general stupidity of the American people who were dumb enough to elect Obama.
TEKTAK- A little of Column A and a little of Column B. However, there is also a Column C, and we will see a new generation of Republicans to flush out the RINOs and the opportunists, and hopefully create a new Republican Party. One based on real conservative values of independence, etc... Plus, the American people are pretty dumb considering they did elect a man with no qualifications to the highest office in the land simply because he's good at making speeches that no one can actually remember afterwards.
Random Walker said... So why is comparing Odumbo to Joker racist? Other than comparing Odumbo to Jesus are any other comparisons not racist?

VAROS- Because anyone who dares think differently than Obama is officially worse than Hitler, Barbra Boxer says so.

SNOTGLOB- Yeah, so don't ask questions, they're racist too.
Random Walker said... If Odumbo were to be publicly compared to Mohammed, who gets to go apeshit first?
ANDROID CAI/7- I calculated that the Muslims would go "ape-shit" first, because the Left would be wondering if it was some sort of comparison to Mohammed Ali.
Blackhawk12151 said... Is Obamacare a plot hatched by your undercover agents within the Obama administration to make us humans weaker and easier to conquer?
MOXARGON- No it isn't. I don't have to weaken you when I have 100,000,000,000 more battle androids than you in your sector. We actually do have free medical care in my empire. But since the only way it can work is if you have medical androids installed in every home and advanced bio-manipulative nanotechnology that can cure every disease and patch every injury, it's really just a game by your own government to control your life so you can't do anything while they sell off your country to their billionaire masters.
Porkchop said... we know about billie piper... what other human women would you allow to partake of the splooge of the ruler of the known universe... photos please
MOXARGON- When did we become Mr. Skin? Listen Bub, I'm sure you'll find plenty of nikked ladies on the interwebs, and maybe one day, a real woman will touch you without getting paid.
MOXARGON- What is Zooey Deschannel doing here?
Porkchop said... What do you make of the new Big Brother scheme where the white house is asking you to turn in "fishy emails" and things to them?
MOXARGON- Strictly amateur hour. Dick Cheney could simply read all your e-mails with just the power of his mind. And guess what he found out, people are boring. Our last question is from Germany, I guess, and it was a really long one, but I've cut it down to the essence, because you know how Germans like to talk.
DHH- Why are movies from Canada designated as being from "CDN"?
XRAN- Because "CAN" would make people think it somehow involves a canned foodstuff, like tuna. Also, to bug the shit out of you, personally.

MOXARGON- Well, that's all, and it was a doozy, so keep watching the skies because we're watching you. Damn I need a drink, and I think I'll call Zooey...

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Porkchop said...

I am so much more proud of you now... for the fact that anyone could have been up there but Zooey Deschanel was the one you put up... you are truly a good and just ruler