The Leftist Mind: Whatever Works

Greetings puny Earthlings. Time to take another dip into the snake-pit otherwise known as the LEFTIST MIND.

Today we're going to look at opportunism, big business, and stupidity.

Right now the Democrats are getting ready to go after the insurance companies, demanding information on executive salaries for them to use to pillory them. Why? It's all part of their never ending game to use class warfare to justify their own incompetence and corruption. You see the White House, the Congressional Democrats and their masters are trying to paint the civic anger over their plans for turning health care into the DMV writ large as the product of a big conspiracy run by the "eeeeeeevvvvvviiiiiiilllll" insurance companies. (All the while ignoring the obvious plant material at the Obama Greenhouse events.)

Now I'll bet dollars to Delbarian oggoorats that if you did a little digging, you would find that most of the so-called evil insurance companies, or the people that run them, donated and voted for the current ruling Democratic line-up.

Now you're probably wondering why they would do that?

Because, like their Wall Street brethren they know that deep down the Democratic Party is the party of big business.

Now you're probably thinking I've been eating Zygorthian toadstools again, but you're wrong.

You see big business loves the Democrats, because Democrats hate competition.

Democrats create regulations that prevent small players from challenging the big players, and make sure that there are plenty of loopholes in everything from the tax code to safety regs that only their rich friends can afford to exploit. Then they get to become "too big to fail" and rake in billions in bailouts from the taxpayers.

Meanwhile the small businessperson faces the fact that if they succeed too much, they will be eventually crushed by government regulations and if they have any real value they'll be bought up by one of the big boys, while the people who built the company are usually left hanging.

Now the health insurance companies backed the Democrats because they know that any free market based reform of the health insurance business would result in the opening up of the market and the elimination of the near mini-monopolies they've created across the country. Without these regulations they would have to act like real competitors, cut their prices, and maybe actually work for a living.

Of course the Democrats have turned on their former backers, because they have their own agenda, one based on state control, and will crush anything and anyone that they even perceive as either in their way, or as simply a convenient distraction.

Because when it comes to the Leftist Mind, it's all about power and control.

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