I think I've got this figured out...

Greetings puny Earthlings.

I think I finally have Barack Obama figured out, and boiled it down to some pretty basic points.

1. He spurns allies like the British, the Polish, the Israelis, the Hondurans, and even the French when they're willing to fight, and he definitely doesn't give a rat's ass about their feelings.

2. He coddles enemies like Ahmadinejad, Chavez, Kim Jong-Il, and any other crackpot with a hard-on for hating America, Jews, and democracy in general, and he will kiss their ass to avoid giving them any offense, either real or imagined.

3. He is quite willing to fight dirty and be aggressive, but only toward Republicans and American voters who do not believe that the sun shines out of his back oratory.

4. He surrounds himself with racists, radicals, and reprobates, and is willing to suborn the constitution to award them with power and money.

5. He is the most obedient president in history, doing everything that he is told to do, by everyone else other than the American people.

6. He doesn't play the race card himself, because he has professional surrogates to do it for him.

7. He claims to be for freedom of speech, but is currently doing everything he can from FCC "diversity and localism" schemes to "net neutrality" to suppress it.

8. He claims to have a life defined by the audacity of hope, but his entire administration is scared of Fox News. Not very audacious. How can he stand up to Putin, Chavez, or Ahmadinejad when he's scared to the point of soiling his knickers by Glenn Beck?

What do all these little tidbits tell you?

Keep watching the skies, because we're watching you.

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