I'm Back... Sort Of....

Greetings fellow Earthlings, it's Vox Poplar here, I've returned from the war against Remulak's alternate Universe doppelganger and his hordes. I'd say I've returned from the front, but I never made it to the front, because of something I didn't know.

What I didn't know was that Xran doesn't know that particle blasters have safety buttons for a reason.

Now I'm back on Earth and have to sit on an inflatable donut. Thanks Xran.

Anyway, the war against Negulak (the negative universe Remulak) is going as well as can be expected. They've kept the Nega-Horde contained in the Andromeda Galaxy for now, and I'm sure victory is at hand, because Negulak is waffling on sending a troop surge.

We should be posting again, more or less, pretty soon, so be sure to check back and thanks for your patience.

Remulak also asked me to set up another edition of Ask the MoxArgon Group to celebrate their inevitable victory, so if you have any questions, leave them in the comments and we'll get to them as soon as we have enough.

Keep watching the skies, and watch where you're aiming.


Chris in NC said...

'Bout time y'all got back here.

What do you think of sending Obama to the North Pole and making him sit on an egg after he loses in 2012?

Will a movie that mocked Obama (even for just one scene) make hundreds of millions of dollars or do we need to wait another year for that?

Plus, ya know I'm going to beg and plead for another of your best Billie Piper pictures.

blackhawk12151 said...

Congratulations on your inevitable victory over Negulak.

What are the top 5 most important events that have happened on our world during your absence?

blackhawk12151 said...

Also, perhaps you could have Xran explain why Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize. I am still trying to wrap my feeble human brain around that one.

Chris in NC said...

What do you think of the decision to try the terrorists in New York? How would you have handled it?

Anonymous said...
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Random Walker said...

Glad you guys are back.

Ok here are two questions:

1. How low do Odumbo’s popularity has to drop before Hitlery Reset Clinton quits? If she considers running again what would be a good time for her to stab him in the back? Would mediots crucify her or would they jump ship with her?

2. Are Snotglob and Varos still douches in that parallel universe you’ve been fighting?

“Will a movie that mocked Obama (even for just one scene) make hundreds of millions of dollars or do we need to wait another year for that?”
They are already mocking him, albeit lightly, in V and Supernatural.