Reality Check: Trivialities...

Greetings puny Earthlings.

Right now things are happening all over your planet that are pretty damn important. I'm talking about things like:

1. President Obama's rather weak-kneed speech where he announced a new surge in Afghanistan, but not to win, just to hold out for 18 months before he hands over the country to the dark ages.

2. The Obama Administration's rather weak and indecisive relationship with India, who just happens to be the world's most populous democracy, an emerging economic powerhouse, and possibly America's best ally in Asia.

3. The Climategate scandal exposes a massive conspiracy among so-called scientists to perpetuate doomsday scenarios in concert with governments and corporations to leech money and power while whittling away your liberty.

4. The economy is in the toilet, and all the Obama Administration can do about it is piss away billions on non-existent jobs in non-existent congressional districts, and hold meetings with academics and big money lobbyists while ignoring the small businesspeople who actually create wealth and jobs.

So what is the mainstream media covering?

1. Tiger Woods and his crashed car. I don't care if he was scoring whores with both hands, and I don't care if his wife beat the living snot out of him with a nine iron, that's their damn business, not ours.

2. The fame-whoring party crashers who intruded on the state dinner with India's President, who probably got in because of a mix of incompetence on the part of the Social Secretary, whose office is now more secret than the CIA, whose operations will now be aired out in open court, and that the Secret Service didn't want to be accused of being racist for turning away a man with a Middle Eastern sounding name.

I mean this is a complete scandal all on its own.

And the mainstream media wonders why no one watches their shows, reads their papers, or visits their websites in anywhere near the numbers that visit the "alternative media" of Fox, blogs, and other news web sites.

They don't see that people watch news for news. They want the full story, and they don't want people willfully ignoring stories that don't conform to their personal beliefs/prejudices.

Keep watching the skies, because we're watching you.

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Midnight Angel said...

Everything is going to pot and it looks like our leaders just don't care.