Random Rambling Reality Checks...

Greetings puny Earthlings.

Here are a few little reality checks for you to chew on today...

1. If Obama/ Reid/ Pelosi's alleged health care bill was intended to promote people getting health insurance, why do they insist on including punishments for businesses that provide decent health insurance? Could it be that they're more interested in playing their little class warfare games, while making people solely dependent on the state for their health care for the sake of their own power?

2. Obama claims the reasons Scott Brown won in Massachusetts was either anger at Bush, (Say wha?) or that Obama failed to communicate on the issue. The same Barack Obama who made 411 speeches and 158 interviews since taking office failed to communicate on the issue. Time to step down from planet Narcissus and spend some time in the real world with the rest of the Earthling species. Scott Brown won because Obama communicated too much about his intentions to seize control of the US economy and individual liberty and beat them into a fine gruel.

3. Then there's Coakley herself. Talk about the perfect example of a classic liberal elite candidate in a liberal elite state. She assumed that the voters of Massachusetts would vote for anyone who claimed to adhere to the classical leftist shibboleths. Why? Because she said so. She took the obedience of the voters for granted, and was punished for it.

4. I saw the other day that no one in President Obama's national security apparatus were allowed to interrogate, or even briefed about the Xmas Bloomer Bomber. WTF? The moment they dragged his sorry ass off the plane they should have turned him over to whatever equivalent they have of Jack Bauer, and made him the official Bitch of the Year for the intelligence community. But no, despite being legal under the rules of war, that would offend Attorney General Eric Holder's friends in the legal community, who are looking at freshly laundered payments from Saudi Arabia for their services against the country and the constitution.

Keep watching the skies, because we're watching you.


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"Could it be that they're more interested in playing their little class warfare games, "


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