On Haiti...

Greetings puny Earthlings...

Right now aid is pouring into Haiti to help the people affected by the recent earthquake, and some folks are praying that the country will soon return to normal.

But in Haiti's case normal is shit.

I know I'm being blunt, but I have to be.

Haiti has no natural resources, no industry, and not much of anything. In fact if you're a Haitian, you are better off out of Haiti. I've dealt with many Haitians who have emigrated to other countries, and the bulk of them become decent hardworking citizens.

And that's what I'm suggesting.

After centuries of bad governments, poverty, and despair, Haiti needs to disband and its people get to join other countries. Let them start new lives in places where they might have a chance to build a life without the fear that some thug with a gun will take it away from them, or that the earth itself will smash everything on them.

It will take billions to rebuild what was destroyed. I say forget about putting up new buildings. Get the people out of there, and use the money to let them build new lives someplace decent.


Chris in NC said...

Not a bad idea.

Random Walker said...

Been reading P.J. O'Rurke, haven't you?

Perhaps a good idea, but one correction, all the Aristide supporters stay. That way they will be allowed to finally build their communist nirvana ... and then put tires filled gasoline around their own necks for a change.

Michael Travis said...

Don't bring them here. The USA has been the dumping ground for the 3rd world for far too long