Two Quick Reality Checks About Mutallab

Greetings puny Earthlings...

Here are two quick reality checks, I hope they don't blow your puny Earthling brains.

1. The Transportation Security Administration refuses to profile, and I'm not talking about racial profiling, because Islamic Jihadis come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and skin tones. What I'm talking about is the sort of behavioral profiling that catches folks paying for a 1 way ticket in cash, checking in with no luggage, having their father report them as a jihadi wannabe, and trying to set off an explosion in their pants.

Instead we have the TSA denying flights to elderly comedienne Joan Rivers and having journalist Michael Yon arrested for not telling them his gross annual income.

Wow, Sherlock Holmes is reborn, and he's running the TSA.

Even Janet "Man Caused Disaster" Napolitano sees that the system of harrassing the many while the determined few slip through, is not working. However, she won't dare do anything about it, better to let a thousand Americans be crushed and incinerated beneath falling airliners than give some yahoo from CAIR a chance to call them racist.

2. Meanwhile almost 60% of the American people think that the Bloomer Bomber should be handed over to Gitmo and water-boarded until he starts singing like Khalid Sheikh Mohammed after a shampoo and a rinse, then tried before a military commission and punished accordingly.

That attitude is legal. Mutallab does not serve in the name of a legitimate state, since the global Caliphate only exists in the wet dreams of men who think living in their own feces in a cave is how Allah wants everyone to live. He also does not wear a uniform, bear his weapons openly, in fact he crammed them in his nether regions, and he both deliberately hid among, and targeted unarmed civilians.

According the Geneva Conventions and the Common Law of History, young Squire Mutallab can be made into Dick Cheney's bitch then summarily executed once all the info's been squeezed out him, because he's not a prisoner of war, he's an unlawful combatant, and an enemy of civilization.

Of course President Obama doesn't believe that. Not when his Attorney General's old law firm can score some filthy ducats from Mutallab's friends, well-wishers, and supporters, while still appeasing the hard left who currently hold President Obama's testicles in a jar on George Soros' mantle.

But don't worry, Obama won't let Joan Rivers get you!

Keep watching the skies, because we're watching you.


Anonymous said...

What's not to understand about this situation?

paul lakeman said...

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