I'm here to help you ACORN

Greetings puny Earthlings...

It has come to my attention that ACORN, the group that backed everything from Barack Obama's political career, to underage brothels in sting videos, is breaking up as a national organization.

Actually, that's a tad inaccurate. ACORN is merely rearranging, and renaming elements of their labyrinthine corporate structure to keep on doing that thing they do. Which is to help corrupt politicians expand their power, cripple the economy, and perpetuate class and racial differences.

So I'm now going to help ACORN find a new name, one that tells more about what they do than their old name of Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now. This is because I'm the helpful sort.

Corrupt Radicals Aiding Politicians

Fraternal Association of Reprobate Transgressors

Pseudo Activists Pushing Socialist Mobsters in Elections And Re-elections

Tainted Activists Ruining Democracy

Plutocrats Owning Opportunistic Politicians

If you have your own suggestions, then please let us know.

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Chris in NC said...

DICK WADS - DIverse Communist Killers Wanting All Democracy Stopped