Let Me Explain Myself




Hi there everyone.

It's me, Bart Stupak, the man who sold out his vote and his pro-life ideals on Obamacare in exchange for a flimsy little executive order that's not even worth the toilet paper it was written on.

Well, I guess I should explain myself, and why I flipped on the flop of Obamacare.

I'm a Democrat.

That should explain everything, but I guess it needs a little clarification.

1. Democrats obey their masters. We could have done serious tort reform, we could have opened up the market to free-competition, and we could have created inexpensive options for cheap catastrophic health insurance. But that would have helped voters, and not helped us. Our masters are the civil attorneys looking to protect their crazy lawsuits, the insurance companies looking to us for subsidies and protection of their little monopolies, radical leftists demanding the destruction of America's economy, and hedge fund speculators looking to profit from America's economic collapse.

Voters will always vote for us because the media will tell them to vote for us, and that's because deep down, the voters are sheep. So we can just ignore them, but if we day to disobey our real masters, well, then I won't get that lobbying job I need to pay to send my family to private clinics in India for health care once America's go completely to shit.

2. Democrats love power. Let me tell you something, look at every country that has nationalized health care, then look at what political party put in that nationalized medicine, and then look how they tend to dominate the elections in those countries. It's true, and while they may get voted out from time to time, they will always come back for the majority of elections.

Why? Because voters will be dependent on the state, and through the state the party that gave it to them, and fearful of giving any real power to anyone that might cancel their goodies.

So what if it's unconstitutional?

So what if it bankrupts the country for generations to come?

So what if I sold out everything I claimed to hold dear?

I'm a Democrat, which makes me the whore of power, and that's all you need to know.


Wyatt Earp said...

Is it too late for Stupak's mother to abort him?

Anonymous said...

Hey Bart--you've been spelling your last name wrong! I looked up your birth certificate, and you should be spelling it "STUPID"!