The Leftist Mind: Pot Meet Kettle

Greetings puny Earthlings.

If all you watch is the mainstream media you'd think that America is being rocked with an unprecedented wave of threats against politicians, and that it's solely the work of angry right wing racist "tea-baggers" terrorizing innocent and pure Democrats who are only trying to make the world a utopia.

Excuse me, but I just have to call bullshit on this one.

Anyone with a brain will remember that the past decade was dominated with a wide variety of murder fantasies aimed at George W. Bush, his cabinet, his family, and anyone that sided with him on any issue. Major novels and even feature films were made about these fantasies.

Which brings us to a major dichotomy in the Leftist mind.

Threaten a conservative- You're a freedom fighter practicing your right to free expression.

Threaten a liberal- You're a domestic terrorist who is 100 times worse than Osama Bin Laden & Hitler combined, and all conservatives must now be associated with you for all time.

Now I personally think that those who make death threats against politicians aren't really working for a cause, they're just looking for an excuse to threaten someone, because that's where they really get their jollies. Those kind of people have no place in a serious discussion of a serious issue, and should be ignored by everyone but the police who should give them a good firm beating about the head with cricket bats.

Which brings me to the other part of this fiasco, and that's the mainstream media.

Let's look at the points:

1. Bart Stupak has been threatened for
voting for Obamacare, but before his flip-flop he was being threatened for opposing Obamacare. Why weren't those threats reported?

2. Republican Rep. Eric Cantor, who opposes Obamacare, has had an actual gun fired at his campaign office. Why is that being ignored?

3. Despite the threats being performed by fringe dwelling troglodytes with brains and genitals comparable in size to lima beans, ALL CONSERVATIVES & CRITICS OF OBAMACARE are being branded as participating in these threats without trial, or evidence. Why is this slander allowed to go on?

Well there are two possible reasons:

1. Democrats are whiny little cry-babies.

2. Democrats & their media catamites want to lay the groundwork for some future oppression of the free speech rights of those who dare to criticize them. Why? Because the truth will only set them free from their jobs, and if they are to realize their dream of making America a government dependent one-party state, they have to quash any and all criticism.

Nothing quashes criticism better than branding critics as terrorists, whether they threaten anyone or not.

Keep watching the skies, because we're watching you.

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