Reality Check Time!: Court Jester Edition

Greetings puny Earthling...

Sorry I've been away for so long, but it's busy out here in my empire, otherwise known as the REST OF THE UNIVERSE, but I'm here to dispense my own brand of brutal reality checks. Today its all about:


They made their names claiming to be rebel jesters who "spoke truth to power" and other such utterly meaningless bullshit, but now their true colors are showing.

They are not rebels, they don't speak truth to power, they simper and suck up to power as long as the people in power share their personal prejudices.

Think about these two questions:

A. Why was Stephen Colbert asked to testify at a hearing about illegal immigration, and to do it "in character" as a faux-conservative blowhard pundit? Why is Jon Stewart trying to put together what is essentially an anti-Tea Party rally in Washington?

B. Why do Colbert and Stewart agree to do these things?


A. Colbert's character is how the left defines conservative pundits like Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, and Glenn Beck. If you ask most leftist to talk about those pundits they'll usually call them ignorant, bigoted, and constantly lying, but ask for anything specific, and they'll cite something Colbert said or did while "pretending" to be one. The Democrats want to make the rest of America think of Colbert and his antics whenever any real conservative pundit is mentioned, so they called him in.

Stewart's job is to dominate the media coverage with anti-Tea Party rhetoric as an election that could prove devastating to the Democratic Party approaches. He is also to create the illusion that the American people like having their health care, jobs, and everything else controlled by Washington bureaucrats in the hope that it will sway undecided voters.

B. Colbert and Stewart agreed to do these things because his ass is owned by three powerful forces:

1) The Viacom-Paramount-Comedy Central Axis.
2) The Elite Critics.
3) Entertainment community.

It's a simple fact that while the audience size for their shows are good
for cable, aren't all that great compared to the Fox News juggernaut. That means that in order to keep their cushy hosting jobs, justify their high salaries, and keep other gigs coming they need to appease those three masters, and here's how:

While Stewart, Colbert, and the rest of the mainstream lap-dog media scream in horrified outrage that Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation donated to a Republican organization, the VPCC Axis, its dominant shareholder nonagenarian plutocrat billionaire Sumner Redstone, most of his senior staff, and on-air talent donate money, fund-raise, and actively campaign for Democratic Party candidates and causes.

The same is true of the elite critics and awards nominating voters in the entertainment community who grant respectability and labels of "genius" to guys who need twenty full time writers to sound glib and off the cuff. Anyone else with the same ratings would either be canceled or just considered minor players in the comedy scene, but with the critics and the rest of the media community singing their praises constantly, they are boxing in both prestige and salary beyond their weight class.

Now some may say things like: "Oh, they make jokes about Obama now, so they're all right." But that's a little off topic. They are only doing that in order to save what little integrity they have left with an increasingly dissatisfied audience, but otherwise have to dance to their master's tune. It's just that simple.

Keep watching the skies, because we're watching you.

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