Reality Checks: World Tour

Greetings puny Earthlings.

Sorry for not posting so much, I've been busy, but I've manage to take a moment to drop a few reality checks on your lap.


Loads of people, especially in the media, are shitting kittens in panic over the ongoing troubles at the Fukushima nuclear power plant.


Seriously. Think it about for a second.

1. This is not Chernobyl. Even though the plant apparently has some management problems they are nowhere near the vodka sodden antics of Chernobyl's Communist era apparatchiks.

2. Japan has dozens of nuclear power plants. Only one is in danger. What does that tell you?

3. Radiation is not always a death sentence. Most of the time the treatment to exposure can be just having a shower and doing your laundry. At certain levels it can even be beneficial to the Earthling immune system.

So quit freaking everyone out.

Now that's settled, let's move onto to what Japan needs to do after the quake.

They need to stop being so damn complacent, and here's why:

Japan can't afford to be the home of the $100 head of lettuce anymore. Huge swathes of the nation's infrastructure has been either damaged, or completely destroyed. Prices are going to go up naturally because it's going to be more expensive to move food around the country. They don't need their spoiled brat farmers rioting for more protectionist trade laws because they don't want any competition.

Japan's a great exporter, but it takes forever to import anything, and if you do get in, it's got a truckload of tariffs on it no one can afford it. Japan needs to engage into a little economic shock therapy to get their economy out of its decades long doldrums, and get the reconstruction going faster.

They also need to start having more children. Their population's too old, and Japan's younger generation needs to stop obsessing about anime and get to work making some babies.

Really, I shouldn't have to tell you these things.


The west is currently enforcing a "no fly zone" in Libya, and bombing the Qaddafi faction's air force and armor in order to protect the rebels based out of Benghazi.

There is no guarantee that old Meltface Moammar is going to lose power. The Arab League called for his ouster, then when the missiles started flying, promptly shit their pants, said it was too much. While they like the idea of his ass being grass, they don't actually want someone from the outside their narrow little community of dictators to actually do it.

If they make enough of a stink the Europeans will back down, Obama's government will fold faster than the Flash on laundry day, the UN will blame it all on Israel, and Moammar will be on the comeback trail.

Now you're wondering how can someone make a comeback after seeing huge chunks of his country rise up against him, and those very same chunks back down, whimpering like freshly whipped dogs.

Simple: The will of Allah.

You see there's a fundamental difference between the Judeo-Christian influenced leadership tradition of the west, and the Islamic leadership tradition. Even those who claimed the "Divine Right of Kingship" in the western world were still bound by a certain set of unwritten rules. They needed to at least present a facade of being just, moral, and wise in order to appear worthy of that divine right, and to keep power.

If they failed to measure up to the appearance of being worthy, they were likely to be deemed unworthy and tossed, possibly from a window of the highest tower in the castle.

This is very different in the Islamic world.

In the Islamic world you don't need to display morality or wisdom to be deemed worthy of power, you just have to seize power. It doesn't matter if you murder your way to the top, the fact that you reached the top shows that you are fulfilling the Will of Allah.

People in the Islamic world may complain about your cruelty, tyranny, and despotism, but they pretty much take your shit and call it ice cream, because they think it is all the will of Allah. It is only when you show a sign of weakness do they think that Allah has changed his mind, and that it's time for someone new to become dictator.

If Qaddafi reasserts himself, thousands will die in his reprisal campaign, then it'll be back to the same old, same old, and the Islamic world will end up blaming it all on the West and Israel, when the real blame falls squarely on their own heads.

Keep watching the skies, because we're watching you.

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