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TEKTAK: Controversy still abounds in the sub-planetary empire of Great Britain over Imperial Viceroy TonBlair's decision to expell people whose statements he considers a threat to the stability of the Empire.

SNOTGLOB: And Viceroy TonBlair thinks he runs a civilised nation. It's utterly babaraic to expell someone for mere speaking treason. Also, it's also very troublesome with the Earthling's level of technology to take them up into space and then expell them from the airlock. You're supposed to save such punishments for your more active traitors.

TEKTAK: Snotglob, you ignorant hermaphrodite slut. He's not expelling them from airlocks. He's merely sending them back to the country's they were originally from.

SNOTGLOB: That's it?

TEKTAK: That's it.

SNOTGLOB: That's hardly controversial.

TEKTAK: Goes to show you should read your notes before you start shooting your mandibles off.

SNOTGLOB: Stick it up your hard drive tin-head. Look, all he's doing is sending them back to the countries they were born in?

TEKTAK: That's right.

SNOTGLOB: You're not just yanking my tail here. That's it?

TEKTAK: That's it. No airlocks, no plasma cannon firing squads, and no flesh eating Thulian blood worms. He's just sending them back to their countries of origin.

SNOTGLOB: Okay, then let me get this straight. These people who the Viceroy is expelling are from other countries, they move to his country, live off his country's welfare system, enjoy his country's many freedoms, and then instead of making a constructive contribution to this country, they instead call for its destruction?

TEKTAK: Exactly.

SNOTGLOB: Why move to Viceroy TonBlair's country if all you're going to do is badmouth it?

TEKTAK: I've been asking that same question.

SNOTGLOB: Now that I think about it, Viceroy TonBlair's being kinda wussy.

TEKTAK: If you think that's wussy, he still allows JorjGall-Away to sit in his Imperial Council.

SNOTGLOB: Now that's just plain nuts.



Damian G. said...

Wait, alien liberals have as much common sense as Earth conservatives?!

Now, that ain't right.

Fitch said...

How come snotglob is such a reasonable liberal?