Earthlings & their Notes

an observation by Android CAI/7

Greetings puny Earthlings.

Today, I'm taking a moment to observe and pass logical judgement on one of your highly inefficient means of communication. I am talking about notes.

Much is being made in the Earthling media about this note penned by American OverLord DubyaBush that was data-scanned by someone named Roy-Ters-Foto-Grabber.

I personally don't see any controversy in such a message. Biological organisms have highly inefficient and demanding means of waste disposal, and if custom dictates that he must ask permission from the nearest human female, then he is just simply following Earthling tradition.

Of course possessing much more advance surveillance equipment allowed me to capture images of other notes that were missed by Roy-Ters.

Now I would like to offer a suggestion to OverLord DubyaBush about writing such communiques. If you don't want people like Mr. Foto-Grabber spying on your messages then you should get a nice fibre-optic data-transfer node implanted in your head with recievers implanted in the heads of your top minions. It's more secure, and does not inefficiently waste paper.


SeanS said...

He should have just raised his hand and said, "I gotta pee!"

Doing the pee-pee dance may have helped as well.

The Conservative UAW Guy said...

Too funny!!

Jamie Dawn said...

Very funny stuff!
When you gotta go, you gotta go. Even if you're the Prez.