Point/Counterpoint: Peacemaking & Thanksgiving?

TEKTAK: Good day puny Earthlings, it is time for another edition of Point/Counterpoint. From the Right, I'm Tektak F. Mechanoid.

SNOTGLOB: And from the left I'm Snotglob the Mutant.

TEKTAK: This past week saw the rescue of the three surviving Christian Peacemakers taken hostage in Iraq by a terrorist group called the Swords of Righteousness Brigades...

SNOTGLOB: I object to that!

TEKTAK: Object to their rescue?

SNOTGLOB: Yes, but I also really object to your use of the word terrorist. Those people are not terrorists, they are insurgents, they are the resistance, they are freedom fighters!

TEKTAK: Snotglob you ignorant hermaphrodite slut! Freedom fighters don't blow up markets, kidnap innocent people, beheading most of them, and kill schoolteachers. Do any of those things and you're a terrorist in my book and deserve to be slowly vaporized.

SNOTGLOB: According to you logic, you're a terrorist.

TEKTAK: Damn right, and I've never claimed to be anything else. Unlike these so-called 'Peacemakers' what a load of semi-gelatinized farflenards.

SNOTGLOB: These people do good work.

TEKTAK: Those people don't do anything worth the plasma to blast them into orbit. Real peacemakers work to bring two sides in a conflict together to end the conflict without violence, giving fear or favor to either side. These Christian Peacemaker Teams take sides, and they always seem to take the side of violent fascism.

SNOTGLOB: That's a rather harsh judgment.

TEKTAK: Sometimes harsh is necessary. These pseudo-pacifists are being treated as heroes when they're in fact idiots being used by vile killers to promote their causes. The Christian Peacemaker Teams have supported Saddam Hussein, the Taliban of Afghanistan, the Colombian Narco-terrorist group FARC, the PLO, Hamas, and every other pro-fascist anti-western cause in the book. If they were truly Christian and Peacemakers they'd be trying to end the ongoing slaughter of Christians in Nigeria, Pakistan, and the Sudan.

SNOTGLOB: If these things are truly happening, I'm sure the Christian Peacemaker Teams would be doing something about it.

TEKTAK: They are happening you dimwitted slarg-herder! Yet the Christian Peacemakers refuse to even acknowledge that they're happening. They won't even acknowledge the torture and murder of their colleague Tom Fox by their captors. Hell, they prefer to say that they were 'released' by the Swords of Righteousness Brigades rather than thank the Coalition Armed Forces who rescued them. People like the Christian Peacemakers have their own dictionary, one where 'gratitude' comes after 'gimme' and 'gotcha.'

SNOTGLOB: If the Coalition hadn't taken down Saddam there wouldn't have been a problem.

TEKTAK: No, there would just be a completely different problem for them to blame the Americans, like the continuation of the sanctions and the no-fly zones that were denying Saddam the genocide he so dearly wanted. Here are some questions I would like the Christian Peacemakers to answer. Why do they always rant about so-called 'atrocities' committed by the West, yet ignore the all too real atrocities committed by Islamists and communists? Why won't they acknowledge the torture and murder of their colleague? Why are dictators always right and democracies always wrong? Why does there definition of peace include opposition to self defense, but not to terrorism?

SNOTGLOB: The Left doesn't have to answer questions. If it did the Mainstream Media would be asking them. It can't be because they're biased morons.

TEKTAK: You know Snotglob, sometimes you make points and you don't even realize it. That's all for now folks, so be sure to check in soon for another edition of the MoxArgon Group.


Damian G. said...

Normally Snotglob is a tad more rational than that; s/he must be in need of a good plasma enema.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed a lot!