And You Eat Tofu With Those Mouths?

A Personal Message
Remulak MoxArgon

Boy oh boy, you moonbats are foul-mouthed little critters, aren't you?

I think you must be considering the level of racist, sexist, and just plain lame brained attacks levelled at my unrequited sweetheart columnist & queen of the bloggers Michelle Malkin.

After reading some of the nasty little e-mails sent by some supposed members of the 'enlightened' and 'progressive' political left I have come to some conclusions.
  1. Moonbats can't compose a thought without using various 4 letter words.
  2. 'Liberal Progressive' must be some Earthling code for 'Moronic Racist.'
  3. Moonbats feel threatened by intelligent debate, especially when it comes from an attractive and intelligent member of an ethnic minority.

Well, I've decided that the only way to properly communicate with these creatures is to communicate with them at their level. So I've picked some of the nastier folks featured in Michelle's article and send them each a personal message in the same sort of crude language they can easily understand.

Be warned, the following language is not for the prudish, or faint of heart.

Joe Smith joejoe90211@yahoo.com

Your message to Mrs Malkin proves that you're political stance is a total snarg-fondler that smells like reheated pongo-waste products.

NorthCentralGuy@aol.com NorthCentralGuy@aol.com

Your message to Mrs Malkin proves that you have the same understanding of politics as an Antares Nerf-herder who enjoys sexual congress with a spiny-backed hoppleflotter.

Michael McPherson michaelmc123@comcast.net

Your message to Mrs Malkin proves that you possess the intelligence and linguistic skills of a sack of Trinuvellian dung spores. Because only someone that fargle-brained thinks racist and sexist abuse is a fitting substitute for facts in a political debate.

outorsafe@adelphia.net outorsafe@adelphia.net

Your message to Mrs Malkin proves that you possess the same sensitivity to those who are different, and in some cases, more evolved than you, of a Ungeranjian slime-sucker.

James Ventura jvent68@yahoo.com

Your message to Mrs Malkin proves that your anatomical knowledge, vocabulary, and grammar skills are the same as your understanding of politics, which has the same value as a steaming pile of freshly shed Ariellian frog-shagger crust.

Steve McQueen michellemalkintraitorous@hotmail.com

Your message to Mrs Malkin proves that you have the same ability to tell publicly released data apart from private data as a Snarglefarging wombletusk. And someone who shows the same maturity as an infantile Wart-groper shouldn't tell anyone to grow-up. And PS, she's not a princess, she should be a queen!

Jake Daab JBD jaked1963@yahoo.com

Your message to Mrs Malkin proves that you can't tell the difference between data, about & publicly released by adults, from private data about children. That makes you a reprehensible excuse for a slimerolling Zardozian slug-boner.

Craig Mayor trilevel@shaw.ca

Your message to Mrs Malkin proves that you are as much, if not a bigger Zardozian slug-boner than the last fellow. Threatening children is the last refuge of the cowardly Thrombollian sewer-roach.

J. Beeson emg@cox.net

Your message to Mrs Malkin proves that your arguments are as dumb as a snargle-faced dungeater from the planet Scummulla IV. You can't even remember the nasty insults you wrote at the beginning of your e-mail. You must have the attention span of a Tarnallovian feces-flea.

And finally, for all so-called 'Liberal Progressives' who immediately resort to childish, offensive, racist, sexist and threatening language when it comes to people you don't agree with, I have this simple message:


Sorry you had to read that folks, but it had to be said.


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fmragtops said...

Emporer Moxargon, I never knew you could use such foul language. Though, I agree with your reasons for using it (especially since I am rather fond of being in one piece). What I would really like to see, if you would induldge a puny earthling pleeb, is for you to vaporize these worthless pieces of (insert intergalactic profanity here).