The MoxArgon Group Cares...

Do you have a problem that only the vast interstellar wisdom of the MoxArgon can solve?

If so, leave a message in our PLEAS section and if you're lucky you'll be featured the next time we open up my mail-sac.

Why are we doing this?

It's because we care.


No not really, it's because we like to laugh at the expense of less evolved creatures and their petty little problems.

Now leave a question now! Your future Lord & Master commands you!


fmragtops said...

O Mighty galaxy conquerer, MoxArgon, is there any bacteria, or virus that you may be overly sensitive to?

Leap Frog said...

OMgosh! What a great site!

LOL ok, re: Malkin's hate mail...
Why so surprised? The looney left is modeled after their idols, the fundalmentalist muslim. And they bag the women while their still alive!
So not surprised at all that the mostly males are threatend by her.
Likely all from the desks of LSM, like the New York Slime or maybe dan blather has taken up trolling on blogs...