Illegal/Illogical 2.0


Greetings puny Earthlings, I have just one question to ask the illegal immigrant population of the United States of America.

Are you insane?

Didn't I warn you in my last message that you will not win the hearts and minds of American citizens with all that crazy talk of Aztlan, communist revolution, and reconquista?

Didn't I explain in simple terms that even an Earthling could understand that such talk will only result in your own deportation at least, and your total destruction at most?

Did you listen to me?

Apparently not, because there are pictures like these out there. (hat tip Michelle Malkin)

Loud declarations of Mexican supremacy over the United States is not an intelligent message to give out when your intention is to stay in the USA because Mexico is such a lousy country.

The use of ethnic slurs are not an intelligent tactic, unless you're looking to get some slurs or worse sent at you as part of some illogical desire for victimhood.

And what is with the use of the image of a homphobic, racist, terrorist and mass murderer like Che Guevera as the icon of your movement?

Do you wish to lose what few rights you already have and end up in the same sort of slave labour camps he built in Cuba, or do you admire how he completely destroyed the Cuban economy?

Look for a minute at who is helping you organize these mass protests. Chief among them is the group International ANSWER. ANSWER is an organisation that never met a dictator they didn't like, look at this list of some of the people supported by ANSWER:

Slobodan Milosevic

Kim Jong-Il

Saddam Hussein

Yassir Arafat

Robert Mugabe

Fidel Castro

What do they have in common?

They all either rule or recently ruled countries they crippled or completely destroyed with their incompetence, greed, brutality, corruption, and just plain stupidity.

Is that what you really want?

If it is, then why did you leave Mexico? You can just as easily starve there as you can in your dream state of Aztlan.

So, for the last time, smarten up and profess a little appreciation for the country that hasn't gassed, shot, or vaporized you... yet.

I am using the term yet for a very specific reason. You illegal immigrants might think you're standing up for your rights, but you're really being set up for a brutal fall by your supposed "allies."

They are using you and all that Reconquista Aztlan talk to force the majority of Americans into acting out a major and possibly violent backlash against your people so the folks at ANSWER can use it as an excuse to go around griping about how awful America is.

They are putting you out there and painting a big fat target on your collective behind, and you are not only taking it, you are actually welcoming it.

If I had emotions and hair, I would be screaming in frustration and pulling them out at this act of illogical self-inflicted genocide.

So everyone, please listen to this humble android. I have an IQ score of 7,654,090 and I've been studying your planet for centuries. Americans know the dangers of uncontrolled illegal immigration, they saw what happened to the Navajo, Sioux, and Iroquois, and they will do drastic things to prevent it from happening to them.

Smarten up and stop letting these moonbat radicals set your agenda, if only for your own safety.

Do not make me come down there.


PS: To the Democratic Party of the USA. Posters like this will definitely get you completely wiped out in Texas.

If you knew a little history you will remember that a war was fought by Texans to make themselves, first independent, and then part of the USA. They will not take kindly to you symbolically offering it up to Mexico as some sort of bribe for the illegal immigrant vote.

Texans have guns.

Lots of guns.

And they are not afraid to use them.


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