Is There Such A Thing As An Alien Chickenhawk?

A Message From Remulak MoxArgon

Greetings Puny Earthlings. In an effort to endear ourselves to your people before my unstoppable cyborg hordes swoop down and plunge your world into an age of darkness, horror, and oppression unmatched by anything in your shallow history...


Sorry, I digress.

As I was saying, in an effort to endear ourselves to you Earthlings, my fellow alien Overlords and myself have joined one of your clubs. It's called the 101st Fighting Keyboardists, and I guess it must be some sort of culinary group because I think we're supposed to eat some chicken as part of some kind of hazing ritual.

Anyway, it looks like fun, and Xran is getting a keg of Psyklorrian Blood-Lager to serve at the first meeting. I hope you Earthlings can regenerate new livers on demand, because when that keg gets tapped, you're gonna need it.

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Anonymous said...

o please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 this cant be true