The Ugliest Thing...



I knew joining the 101st Fighting Keyboardists was a good idea. Remulak was a little iffy on the deal at first, normally he doesn't like any club that don't offer complimentary Denubirian Slave-Droids, but he came around and signed up our MoxArgon Group site.

How do I know that it was a good idea?

Because the Daily Kos doesn't like us.

Thanks Kos, knowing that someone who thinks it's fitting for people to be brutally murdered by terrorists and replies to news of their deaths with a hearty & heartfelt "Screw'em" doesn't like us or the other bloggers we associate with, well, it kinda warms all three of my hearts. (Two of them I was born with, the third I won in a game of Smongojax)

Kos does wonderful work.

It's true.

The special brand of hyper pseudo-liberal, pro-terrorist, dictator coddling, Bush bashing, conspiracy mongering, and Israeli/USA blaming invective is just the sort of thing that will keep the Democrats out of power in the 2006 midterms and the 2008 elections despite constant attacks from the MSM, the CIA, and various big money interests.

There's nothing like a Kos-Baby ranting about how the Joos are to blame for everything because they've built the only functioning liberal democracy in the Middle East, or how wonderful terrorists who murder unarmed civilians are because they don't like ChimpyBushHitler, to drive the Militant Middle into the arms of the Republican Party.

Naturally the typical Kos-Baby argument is to declare that "If you like war so much, why don't you go to Iraq?"

There are three ways to answer that kind of lame-oid argument.

My favourite is to incinerate their skin with a Dravellian plasma stream. Loads of fun there, but your Earthling governments frown on such things.

The second way to respond is to ask: "If hate Bush so much why haven't you joined Al-Qaida and beheaded some schoolteachers?"

The third way is to mangle a quote from some old-time Earthling brainbox like I've done here. It goes something like this:

War is an ugly thing, but it is not the ugliest thing.

The ugliest thing is a people who believe that their culture is so vile and debased that it is not worth fighting for, and cheer those who seek to bring that culture down into rubble, yet they still demand the comforts and priviledges that such a culture provides that others are fighting and dying for.

I support this war because I believe that this culture is worth fighting for, and though I may not be a soldier on your Earthly battlefield, I can still fight in the arena of ideas. Because civilisation is founded on ideas.

I refuse to take the path that you have taken. A path of misguided resistance against the facts of the war and against freedom itself. I refuse to believe that this civilisation built by generations of Earthlings striving, not to achieve some ideological utopia based on the destruction of others, but for a better way of life for everyone is so wretched that the only solution is the darkness and horror of Islamofascism.

I refuse to become the ugliest thing.

I refuse to become you.

I think that wraps it up nicely, don't you think?

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fmragtops said...

Awesome stuff Xran. Is MoxArgon still glued to Hot Air? I'm getting a bit worried about His Counquererness.