Time For Some Fresh Circuits

Greetings puny organic life forms of the planet Earth. This is Android CAI/7 -5342-X7. With the disappearance of Remulak MoxArgon I have decided that the most logical course of action is to have my android hordes imprison the remaining members of the MoxArgon Group in stasis tubes while we await his return.

If he returns.

Now while you most likely come to this 'blog' for cogent and intelligent political analyses of your planet, some have the misguided belief that this is somehow a source for amusement or humour.

While I personally do not understand the need for laughter, I will accept that it is somehow stimulating to your puny organic brains, so I present this piece I poached off of Hot Air to amuse you.

Enjoy it!


Anonymous said...

I love Craig Ferguson's show! That was genius!

Anonymous said...

Diggin' the new design! Nice.