Overheard by Snotglob...

Hi there Earthlings.

I've been bugging Remulak to let me do more for the site, to offer a more liberal perspective. For a long time he gave me all kinds of excuses as to why I should stick to doing just Point/Counterpoint. But I could see right through them. Being an idiot does not disqualify you from being a blogger.

So here I am, using what Remulak says is my only real talent.

My excellent sense of hearing.

So here's a conversation I overheard between two Earthlings. Let's all take a listen.

Dammit Al, you sure got my nads in a vice over that stupid "nappy headed hos" remark I made.

Serves you right for being an idiot. Now I own your scrawny old white ass.

Can't we work something out. I got suspended for two weeks because of this. I need the money. Cowboy hats and bad haircuts don't grow on trees you know.

Hell no you wheezy old mullet wearing cracker. I need celebrities like you to say stupid things. That way I can get you on my radio show, score lots of free press, truckloads of donations to my 'cause,' and have my butt kissed on CNN by that uber-honky Anderson Cooper.

s, I have to keep yelling, or they'll might just start looking into my history for another excuse to avoid covering successful operations in Iraq.

What about me?

I could lose my job.

Chill out. You're a liberal, you won't get fired. Now if you were a right winger, your ass would be grass faster than a Democrat out of a honorable commitment.

Just stick to making fun of Republicans, conservative Christians, Jews, and politically disobedient homosexuals and you'll be fine.

That makes me feel better. Maybe I should blame my troubles on Israel.

That's the spirit.


Damian G. said...

Imus isn't THAT liberal. He supports John McCain for President!

Oh, wait.

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