An Android Among The Stars #9

(The Torpedo That Blows Up Your Enemy Before It's Even Launched)
(MoxArgon Group Entertainment Editor)

Greetings puny meat-sacks of the planet Earth.

Here I am again wasting valuable battery time reporting on the inane and illogical shenanigans of your so-called celebrities.

But I'm not bitter.

1: An on-line petition has been started by fans of exited co-host of The View Rosie O'Donnell demanding the firing of Elizabeth Hasselbeck the show's token non-gliberal for the horrible offense of not defending Rosie when she rather blatantly imply that American troops were "terrorists." I think this story perfectly illustrates the thinking of the American Left. First, they completely miss the point about what's actually happening on their home planet and say something like:
“I’m saying if you were in Iraq, and the other country, the United Stated, the richest in the world, invaded your country and killed 655,000 of your citizens what would you call us?”
Then they demand that you defend them.

When you refuse and tell them to defend themselves with facts, they deny they made the statement, claiming it was just an "innocent inquiry."

Much like the Spanish Inquisition was an "innocent inquiry."

Denied the support of people who do not believe them, the limo leftist like Rosie then tries to bully them into support by yelling and screaming.

If that does not work, the leftist then plays their victim card, claiming that they are the ones being picked on by "evil Christian right-wingers" because they won't back down when the lefty starts screaming.

They then move onto to new multi-million dollar contracts because their fellow leftists believe everything that person says, because it fits within their pre-existing prejudices.

2: Lindsey Lohan showed just how unattractive she can become, by getting busted for drunk driving, drug possession and then getting photographed puking and passing out in an intoxicated stupor. She has since checked back into rehab.

This is the part I find illogical. She comes from a family with a history of addiction issues, yet she insists on repeating the same mistakes her parents made.

Miss Lohan's behaviour also cost her the sponsorship of a vodka company for her lavish 21st birthday party.

Negotiations with the Cali Cartel to take over sponsourship are ongoing.

Thus illustrating that money, fame, and stupidity are a bad mix.

3: Speaking of driving under the influence of stupid, aging popster George Michael is looking at jail time for his recent drug-driving arrest. I am not sure where the punishment lies in locking him up in a building full of men, but then again, the ways of organics are often strange and illogical to me.

4: I was going to report on Venezuelan entertainers, but for some reason, Hugo Chavez shut it down. Go figure.


Anonymous said...

Your obsession with Rosie is getting old...

Sekhmet said...


Your obsession with Moxie is getting old. So we're even.

Anyway, I work tech support. If you ever worked a tech-support line you would plumb the absolute depths of human stupidity. Please invade us.

Anonymous said...


Your comment made perfect sense. Moxie's (great nickname) obsession with Rosie is equivalent to my strange interest (I'm not obsessed yet...) in Moxie. Similar to the natural urge to look at something freakishly odd. Surely you understand this notion being Moxie's number one fan week after week.

Purple Raider said...

Please someone ask Ms O'Donut how you make steel.

She apparently doesn't know that it takes heat.