Boo Boo!


(Ruler of the Known Universe)

It is now official.

The nation of Mexico is on my sh*t list.

Why? you may ask.

Well, let me tell you.


Watch this video of Miss USA at the Miss Universe Pageant in Mexico.

I couldn't freaking believe it!

They were actually that stinking rude to BOO a participant in a beauty pageant because she came from America.


Their country is literally rotting from the inside, and they have the balls to boo at an attractive young woman simply because she came from the country they're all swimming the Rio Grande to get to.

I almost spit my Thalaxian ale from that disgusting display of rude behavior. It's a good thing I didn't cause that stuff will burn the shag off my living room carpet.

I was impressed by Miss USA who kept her smile despite the shower of bastards in the audience.

So let me tell the people of Mexico, once described as "God's Blind Spot," something I think they really need to know.

Before you boo an American, take a good hard look at your own country.

You nation is rich in natural resources.

Yet all but a tiny elite in your country are dirt poor.

Your idea of a solution to this problem is to ship the poor to your richer neighbor, because it's easier than doing something about it yourselves.

Then you complain when that richer neighbour wants these already illegal immigrants to obey the laws of their new country.

Your government couldn't organize a shag in a bordello, let alone run a functioning state. Everything from infrastructure to education is falling apart at an alarming rate.

Your law enforcement's an international joke. Their idea of a criminal investigation is to just grab some random person until they cough up enough bribe money to be let go.

And now the whole world has seen that your people can't summon up the decency to be at least civil to a beautiful woman.

Boo to you, for lacking even basic manners.

And your food sucks ass too.

Man I gotta sober up... hic....

....I'm cranky when I'm drunk...


Anonymous said...

I think you may need professional help.

Sekhmet said...

Isn't Anony-troll saying that MoxArgon needs professional help kind of like Jimmy Carter calling George Bush the worst President?

Rogue said...