Let's Get Those Stats Up!

Greetings puny Earthlings.

Recently a blogger named Wyatt Earp hit his 100,000th visitor, which is pretty darn good. Now this blog recently went past the 20,000 visitor mark but it's still a long way from 100,000.

Now Wyatt held a contest where visitor 100,000 won a DVD, which is nice, but since I'm Overlord of the Known Universe, I'm offering something a little more valuable. Click the pic to embiggen and see what you can win. That's right. If you're visitor #100,000 you will NOT be enslaved and forced to toil in the petroleum or mucus mines. So win it, and not tick me off after that, and you might be the last free person on your wretched little planet.

Good luck.

You're gonna need it.

So keep watching the skies, and keep visiting this site, because we're watching you.


Damian G. said...

I went past 25,000!

I'm one-fourth as good!

FIAR said...

You stole "click to embiggen" from me!

How can you be "Overlord of the Known Universe" when I am the Cruel, deranged, bloodthirsty Despot of the Universe?

I think it is you who needs the "get out of slavery free" card.

Remulak MoxArgon said...

I don't think it's possible to steal a perfectly cromulent word like 'embiggen.' Although I think I swiped it from Wyatt Earp, who swiped it from someone else.

And while you may be cruel and bloodthirsty, your rule of the Universe exists only in your deranged mind.

Since you've disqualified yourself from the Get Out of Slavery program, I might suggest that you partake of my empire's excellent mental health programs. Sure, some Earthlings think rusty nail lobotomies are cruel, but they are effective at shutting crazy people up.

Damian G. said...

And you stole cromulent from Frank J.

Xran The FleshRender said...

Both words were stoled from that episode of the Simpsons about Jebediah Springfield's dark secret.

So it gives me, a space pirate, the rare occasion to say: