MoxArgon on Coulter & Spies

Greetings puny Earthlings.

Like everyone I've been flooded with chatter about Anne Coulter. Now I won't get into the GMA incident where her words, intended to criticize the murder fantasizing of Bill Maher, are being mangled from Karachi to California so John "Pretty Boy" Edwards can score more "Coulter Cash" from the drooling hordes of Kos Kids and Democrats who fear Rupert Murdoch more than Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

What I'd like to talk about here is the surprisingly "spontaneous" phone call from Elizabeth Edwards to bushwhack Coulter over Coulter's rather tasteless attack on her hubby's rather tasteless profiteering off the death of their teenage son.

It takes the form of a question for the show's host MSNBC flack Chris Matthews:

Would Mr. Matthews have Markos from the Daily Kos on his show and allow a "spontaneous" call from the families of security contractors murdered and mutilated in Iraq to ask him about his "screw'em" comment?

It's not that hard a question.

In fact, it would probably be very simple to arrange.

Not that Matthews would ever do that.

He'd lose his invitation to the next fund-raiser for John Edwards' "charity for the poor" that does nothing for poor people but instead pays for Edwards to travel the country in luxury, collecting $50,000 fees to scold people that they're not doing enough for poor people.


I'd now like to talk about the so-called "Family Jewels" a collection of files that reveal all of the Central Intelligence Agency's Cold War sins both venal and mortal.

They detail decades of dirty deals, mad science, the occasional assassination (both attempted & successful), and domestic espionage on everyone from pinko peaceniks to puffy politicians.

Now the question is Why?

The answer is simple.

The bureaucrats in the CIA and media want to screw Bush, and not in the Biblical sense.

You see, it's all about optics. It not about what the things actually are, but what the media makes them appear to be.

Most of these past sins were committed under the orders of Democratic Administrations, including the now sacred Kennedy Administration. But since the files are being released now, with the Kennedy Brothers long dead and canonized, the media will present, or spin, these files to make the Bush administration look bad.

Watch the coverage of this story. They will all drift from the historic wrongdoings and try to find comparisons to warrantless wiretaps of terrorists to Gitmo.

So while JFK and his brudder Bobby may have ordered the hit, it'll be Bush who will be blamed in the press.

And that's exactly what the CIA bureaucrats want to happen. Because they're so badly tied up with Democrats and their moneybags, it's scary. But since it's the Democrats playing footsie with the CIA, it's ignored by the media.

So keep watching the skies, because we're watching you.


Sekhmet said...

Keep in mind one thing about the Family Jewels:

It may be a tantalizing prelude to the real money shot:

Declassifying Cold War-era counterintelligence files that have to do with the actual Cold War-era Soviet and Cuban networks in this country. When Castro dies, it is likely Communism in Cuba will die with him, and with it all reason to keep classified who in this country was in the pay of the USSR.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of the lovely Ann Coulter (couldn’t even say that without a little vomit coming up), there is a funny little quiz that compares her statements to Hitler. SURPRISE! Comparing a right- winger to Hitler…that’s original. Anyway, it is rather telling. You can take the quiz here http://www.giveupblog.com/hitlercoulterquiz.html.

The most telling quote to me is this one by Hitler (but sounds like something Ann would spew): “Liberals always get a lot of credit for suffering, while never actually being made to suffer.” This coming from the mouth of a man who caused enormous pain and suffering.
Obviously, all these quotes are out of context but the fact that you can’t tell who said what in several cases is pretty damn scary.

Ann Coulter, as much as I despise her with every ounce of my being, is a genius. She has found her niche in the political realm. The only reason she is even popular is because we liberals get all defense when she starts her hateful tirades. There is no debating her. She is too quick and will just turn the “conversation” to something completely irrelevant in her smug little manner.

The entire “confrontation” of Ann by Elizabeth on MSNBC was just a way for everyone to make money…it was a “win win” situation for all. Ann lovers will come to her defense. Elizabeth sympathizers will come to her defense. MSNBC and Chris Mathews will get a ratings boost, Elizabeth will make money in campaign contributions to “fight” hateful people like Ann (who only exist because we let her) and Ann will chuckle all the way to the bank.

On a different note, and I’m sure you have heard this before, if Clinton can be impeached over lying about a blow-job then someone please give George a blow job so we can impeach him already. Forget all the other appropriate reasons to impeach him.

Patty said...

You could be standing neck deep in a shit filled sewer, covered with syphilis sores and shoving a crucifix up your ass, and you'd still have the moral high ground over Ann Coulter.

-The Rude Pundit

Damian G. said...

Hey, Anon.

You know what's even less original? That BJ joke. I saw it on a tee shirt months ago.

Anonymous said...

I agree Damian. I'm tired of that one as well.