Meme about me...

Hi Earthlings.

Remmy told me about the meme thing, in fact he caused my underwear to ride up as his way of interrupting my nap.

Android CAI-7 is still getting upgraded, so you'll have to wait until he gets back.


8. I'm pretty good at explaining things. Some folks think I should have been a teacher, but I will always have being a space pirate/pundit in my blood.

7. My blood plasma is chemically identical to Earthling octopus ink.

6. I have the best natural eyesight of anyone in the Group.

5. There isn't a lock in the galaxy that I can't pick with a bobby pin and some chewing gum.

4. I've been married and divorced, several times, which is why I can't retire for another 200 Earth years.

3. I used to coach my son's little assassins league team when he was a kid. Won the championship that year.

2. I love spaghetti, but the sauce gets in my fur.

1. I go through at least three bottles of shampoo (Soylent Blue) a week.


RT said...

Down here, pirates have catch phrases that have something to do with rum, timbers shivering, and usually include aaaaaaaaargh. Do you have something similar?

Xran The FleshRender said...

Spaceships don't have timbers, and drinking on duty around a Tri-polar fusion reactor or a plasma cannon is frowned upon.

Most of the time we say things like: "Hand over your cargo or I'll carve you a new black-hole."

But that's only when the captain of the target ship is being balky. Usually I try to be more polite.