Meme Post

Hi Earthlings.

Remulak is making all of us do that silly meme thing, so here goes.


8. I used to be a child actor on my home planet. My first job was as the "Happy Kid" in a commercial for breakfast cereal. I had to do fifty takes of me eating an entire bowl of cereal.

7. I haven't eaten cereal since.

6. I enjoy restoring classic shuttles and small spacecraft.

5. 60% of my parts are artificial.

4. I can't really swim, I just sink to the bottom.

3. I can juggle six plasma grenades without dropping them. Practicing that skill is why I'm 60% artificial parts.

2. When I use my infrared scanner, I can see where people are going to get zits, before they get zits.

1. As a child sitcom star I recorded an album. Remulak destroyed all copies as an act of mercy to the universe.


Anonymous said...

Pretty funny!

RT said...

Are you Leif Garrett? Mikey? Jimmy Baio?

TekTak F. Mechanoid said...

Back when I was on the Technotopia Network sitcom Family Units I was known as Tekky Mech. I went back to my real full name in college.