Lies, Damn Lies, & New Reports

Greetings puny Earthlings, Remulak MoxArgon here, and I'm looking for answers.

I'd like you read this article in American Thinker, that outlines over 60 instances of plagiarism, bias, and outright lying in the Mainstream Media.

There were the usual suspects, The New York Time, New Republic, CNN, Boston Globe, AP, and Reuters, but I couldn't help but notice that one outlet was missing.

Where was Fox News?

According to some critics all Fox News does is lie about everything as part of some dark Karl Rove/ Zionist/ Masonic/ Big Oil conspiracy.

Now I can't get Fox News over the hyperwave because our hyperwave provider is like your Earthling cable provider, a suckhole.

So I would like to ask you Earthlings why Fox News isn't on that list, or why it should be.

Now don't give me vague generalities accusing them of things like reporting that Saddam was behind 9/11. Better researchers than I have gone through it all, and can't find any evidence of that.

I want video of a knowingly faked Fox News sto
ry that wasn't just a repeat of what some supposedly reliable wire service told them, or a pundit offering their opinion.

I want something that isn't true being presented as news, and you better have more evidence than just Kos telling you so. Because if that's all you got, I'm whipping out the plasma cannons.

I really want to know why the only news outlet not slammed with scandal seems to be the most criticized.

That should get the trolls going ballistic in the comments section.

That's all.

Keep watching the skies, because we're watching you...

...and one last taste of the delicious Billie Piper.

Don't say I don't take good care of you Earthlings.


Ralph said...

well, there was that time that what's his face, the ex talk show host with the mustache, pretended he was in a combat zone in Iraq when he wasn't even close to it....
Or so it goes, anecdotally. I never saw the clip in question...

RT said...

No, he gave away tactical secrets.

Sorry, Billie Piper does nothing for me.

Remulak MoxArgon said...

RT's right Ralph, Geraldo Rivera didn't lie about where he was, he just said too much about where he was. I believe he drew a map in the sand and everything. Rather dumb.

That don't count.

I'm talking Jayson Blair/Stephen Glass type confabulation.

Anonymous said...

Go to crooksandliars.com and click on the Fox News category. There are about 463 instances of Fox News bullshit!

Have fun.

TekTak F. Mechanoid said...

Well anonymous, it's obvious that you didn't read Remulak's instructions.

The posts on Crooks & Liars seem to be, at first look, mostly complaints about the pundits. Pundits are supposed to be biased, that's why Hannity has Colmes, Bill O'Reilly has the rest of the media, and so on and so forth.

Disagreeing with a pundit's opinion is not evidence of a faked story.

Remulak was looking for an outright fabrication of a story by a Fox News REPORTER. He's looking for something along the lines of Stephen Glass, Jayson Blair, etc., etc...

You have to know the rules to play the game.

Remulak MoxArgon said...

Yeah, what Tektak said.

Pundits don't count.

Anonymous said...

Just because you are a pundit does not mean you can't uncover a false news story dumb ass. And if you had taken the time to look a little closer, the posts are not just comments about news pundits.

Fox News has been caught re-writing Wikipedia pages, editing content that did not fit there partisan political agenda. Fair and Balanced?

Many times Fox News will re-label Republicans in scandals as Democrats hoping their dumb ass viewers will not know the difference. See post under Fox News August 7th, "Hackery of the Fox chyron techs". They have a shot of Arlen Spectur as a (D). The also had a Fox News segment discussing the Mark Foley scandal and showed his picture with a (D) underneath. This happens all the time.

FOX News wanker anchor Brit Hume spoke with Senator Carl Levin (D-MI) on July 15th about the situation in Iraq and the failure of the puppet government to show any measurable signs of progress. In typical Fox fashion, Hume floats out the ridiculous notion that the Democrats have failed to live up to their agenda and getting nothing done — attempting a veiled comparison to the Iraqi government.

In March citizens took on Fox and beat them. Bad. The Nevada Fox-sponsored presidential debates were cancelled when videos showing Fox’s distortions were spread far and wide.

Fox News’s Martha MacCallum did a second take of her apology to Rep. John Conyers (D-MI) for mixing him up with indicted Louisiana Democrat William Jefferson in a Monday afternoon broadcast. I doubt this was a mix up!

Roger Ailes, the head honcho at FOX NEWS, on the subject of FOX debates said,
“The candidates that can’t face Fox, can’t face Al Qaeda and that's coming.” Total bullshit!

See the post under "Fair and Balanced Propaganda Pt. 2" on March 15th. Fox News ran a segment showing Bob Corker as a Democrat when they had bad things to say about him. Another segment shows the headline "Is the Liberal Media Helping Fuel Terror?" How irresponsible of them!

I could go on forever. There are so many instances of false news I do not have time to inform you of what you should already know.

Um...Remmy...take a close look in the mirror...now tell me who is the Troll!

Remulak MoxArgon said...

What about Seattle newspaper staff cheering at the news of Karl Rove's resignation?

What about NYT staffers rewriting Wikipedia entries of conservatives to insert childish insults?

How about any time a Democrat is involved in a scandal most media outlets won't mention his party affiliation at all? The old joke is if he's a Democrat, they'll never tell. By your reckoning, since media outlets never make mistakes, it's a deliberate conspiracy to cover-up Democrat corruption.

Democrats won't debate on Fox, but Republicans will debate with Chris Matthews, a former Clinton speech-writer and Democrat stooge on the almost comically far left MSNBC? Dems are scared of Fox because it appears that Fox is the only MSM outlet that isn't lodged somewhere next to Harry Reid's colon.

And when Osama Bin Ladin literally quotes CNN, MSNBC, and other 'mainstream' outlets as talking points in his terrorist recruiting videos, it might be construed as fueling terror.

What you've presented are some possibly 'biased' questions depending on your view, probable flubs, and conspiracy theories that are all based on the assumption that people don't mispronounce words or that they have photographic memories of the names and faces of all congressmen and senators.

Where's the Fox equivalent of Jayson Blair writing about the cotton fields of the West Virginia mountains, or the Scott Thomas making up stories out of whole cloth?

I could ask that if all these incidents are part of a vast right-wing conspiracy on the part of Fox, why hasn't its competitors in the MSM jumped on it the way the bloggers jumped on Dan 'Fake But Accurate' Rather, but you'd just accuse them of being in on it, which only shows how limited your world-view and intellect really are.

You just haven't delivered the goods yet there oh it that shall not be named.

Remulak MoxArgon said...

PS: You haven't accused anyone of being gay yet.

That could cost you your lefty anonymous troll license.

Redneck Chris said...

He doesn't have to call you gay. He actually won when he called you dumb ass, but we'll let him declare victory when he gets around to it. (Ha, see called you dumb ass, you lose. I'm so smart and clever).

You really can't defeat his vast intellect and reasoning powers. I looked around on Crooks and Liars and sure enough, there's a quote from Henry Waxman, a completely unbiased observer without any thought of dislike for the president telling us that KKKarl Rove had politicization teams. Gosh, No, Really? The scandal. I sure am glad Clinton never politicized anything. That proves we need Hillary or Barak, they'll never politicize anything. You'll never see them complaining about some vast right wing conspiracy. Nope, never.

Wow, just a few posts below that is a wonderful writeup on that oh so moderate and unbiased man Al Franken and his campaign ads. Of course, we shouldn't call them ads, they're actually public service announcements about that evil satanist Norm Coleman. Good thing Al is looking out for us. We wouldn't want someone running for the Senate that might not vote to impeach, now would we. And it's not like Franken is biased or anything. After all, failing radio shows dedicated to defeating the president don't count, so he's in the clear there and can call himself unbiased.

Hey, look at that, a Borat picture making fun of Bush. What, no chimp face? I guess that means they're fair. After all, if they were not fair, they'd put something disrespectful and all.

Oh, and look at that, Newsweek, a completely truthful mag that published those reports of Pornans being flushed down toilets (said report causing riots and deaths) so we would know how bad our troops are, agrees civil humanitarian Lane Hudson that his FEC complaint against Fred Satan has merit. I would never have guessed. That should convict Thompson and send him to jail. Can't have people using the law to their advantage. Next thing you know, they'll be pardoning bombers for votes in the Bronx.

You got us there Anon. That completely unbiased, nonpartisan site has us and Fox dead to rights. I feel so free now that I have that off my chest and can stop thinking for my self now. Thank you. You're so smart and I'm so gay...

Anonymous said...

Fox News Sinks To New Low, Repeatedly Reports Parody Story As Actual News

On Tuesday, Fox News morning show “Fox & Friends” aired at least eight segments on a purported “news” story that was actually a parody article written by a publication similar to The Onion.

The backstory: Last week in the town of Lewiston, Maine, a group of Somalian Muslim middle school students were the subject of a cruel prank when their peers placed a ham steak next to them in order to personally offend the students. School officials filed a report because the students considered the act to be a hate/bias crime.

This actual story was then spoofed by a parody site called Associated Content, which made up quotes and details, such as the school’s intention to “create an anti-ham ‘response plan.’”

On Tuesday, Fox & Friends reported these parody quotes and details as actual news. Poking fun at the students, hosts asked whether ham was “a hate crime…or lunch?” and showed screen shots of ham sandwiches, starving Somalians, belching, animal noises, and mock “reenactments” of the incident. Ironically, the hosts assured viewers several times, “We’re not making this up!”

Remulak MoxArgon said...

Judging from your description of their actions it sounds like the Fox people knew the quotes they were using were from a parody of an actual story and were adding their own spin to the joke.

Tasteless, yeah probably, but a fake story?


And I do recall the ham story, and from what I heard from other outlets it sounded more like a misplaced lunch than a deliberate hate crime. But I haven't been following the story that closely since I actually have a life.

You just have to find a complete and total fabrication. Like Jayson Blair's visit to West Virginia, while never leaving Manhattan, or Stephen Glass' 'hacker convention' or Scott Thomas Beauchamp's tales of Yankee grunts being dicks.

Keep trying, it's obvious that you've dedicated your sad, lonely life to this cause.

Anonymous said...

Like I said sore loser and an asshole to boot!

Anonymous said...

You are the sad pathetic one who came up with the challenge in the first place. I have one more to prove you wrong:

Cameron's fake Kerry story capped FOX commentators' manicure fixation
After FOX News Channel chief political correspondent Carl Cameron wrote a fake news story mocking Senator John Kerry that was published October 1 on FOXNews.com, blogger and journalist Joshua Micah Marshall posed a question to the network: "Why did comments very similar to Cameron's fabrications come up again and again from FOX commentators on debate night?"

As Marshall noted on October 1, the story as it originally appeared -- part of a FOXNews.com "Trail Tales" report containing several other items -- falsely attributed quotes to Kerry in an attempt to ridicule him over a manicure, which Cameron reported he received on September 30. Later that day, FOX News Channel issued a retraction and an apology, and the fake story was removed from the "Trail Tales" report. According to a New York Times article, FOX News Channel spokesman Paul Schur said: "This was a stupid mistake and a lapse in judgment, and Carl [Cameron] regrets it."

Following are some of the fabricated quotations appearing in Cameron's fake story:

"Didn't my nails and cuticles look great? What a good debate!" Kerry said Friday.

"Women should like me! I do manicures," Kerry said.

"I'm metrosexual -- he's a cowboy," the Democratic candidate said of himself and his opponent.

But Cameron's fake news story was not the first sign of FOX's fixation on the purported manicure. Prior to the first presidential debate, Cameron reported on Special Report with Brit Hume that Kerry got "a pre-debate manicure." FOX News Channel hosts and contributors quickly picked up on Cameron's report, discussing the reported manicure five separate times in the three hours preceding the debate. No other cable news channel mentioned the topic.

From the September 30 edition of FOX News Channel's Special Report with Brit Hume:

HUME: Carl, what's up with the manicure? Does he regularly get manicures?

CAMERON: Not so regularly. But suffice it to say in his hotel spa, some of the ladies today were particularly amused and excited about their appointment with John Kerry to get him set up for tonight's debate.


HUME: I've had a manicure in my life. It was a rather pleasant experience. But do you think it was the thing to do today, perhaps?

SUSAN ESTRICH (FOX News Channel contributor and Democratic strategist): No! No! No! Look, I get my nails done all the time. I mean, I'm a fool for manicures. But obviously, what John Kerry needs to do tonight, among other things, is make a connection with average working people. And probably the way to start doing that is not with a manicure. Now, you've had them. But my guess is most men don't stop on their way to an important event with a manicure. But my hope is for John Kerry's sake, is that tonight people will forget about the manicure.


HUME: [W]e now know that he got a manicure today. According to Carl Cameron, he got himself a manicure today. What's up with that?

MICHAEL BARONE (FOX News Channel political contributor): I see nothing wrong with a manicure. I've been advised by friend to get a manicure. But I confess, I've never done so.

HUME: Well, I've had a manicure. It's not an unpleasant experience.

MORTON M. KONDRACKE (FOX News Channel co-host of The Beltway Boys): It's not what folks do out in the country is get a manicure. Why do they announce this kind of thing?

HUME: Believe me, they didn't announce it.

KONDRACKE: All right. Well, it's all right. Then it's silly that he would have done it.

FRED BARNES (The Beltway Boys co-host): This is a man who needs to stop windsurfing, stop getting a manicure and desperately needs to go bowling.

BARONE: Well, he does -- I mean, this is a man who lives a lifestyle that's very dissimilar to that of the ordinary American person with five palatial houses.

HUME: You've got to wonder. This gesture, John Kerry, reporting for duty didn't work. I don't know that this will either.

From the September 30 edition of FOX News Channel's The O'Reilly Factor:

NEWT GINGRICH (FOX News Channel political contributor): Well, the first thing I would tell him [Kerry] to do is don't get a manicure. I can't imagine a dumber thing going into the debate than the last four hours of news broken, I think by Carl Cameron here on FOX News -- because it makes him look silly. And it guarantees that everyone in the country's going to look at his fingers early in the debate. I know that sounds small, but it's the little thing like Dukakis in a tank that just doesn't come across right and sort of jars people who are looking for an excuse to vote for him.

O'REILLY: Well, he did the tan thing, too. He did the spray-on tan thing, which I thought wasn't very smart. I mean, my line was, gee, you know, what do you think Osama bin Laden's going to think about this spray-on tan? Is that going to frighten him? I don't know if it will.


PAT CADDELL (FOX News Channel contributor and pollster): I'll tell you what, as a Democrat, I don't quite understand the fact that, you know, while the president's out meeting with people who've been, you know, hurricane survivors, my candidate is out there getting a manicure today and --

O'REILLY: No, the manicure thing -- and the tan thing, that was not good.


Remulak MoxArgon said...

Somebody's been cutting and pasting their Media Matters press releases.

Let me get this straight, a Fox blogger made a joke about Kerry getting a manicure and some pundits riffed on it?

Still not getting it.

Oh well, at least you declared yourself a winner even , sort of like Al Gore after 2000.

And if I'm such a "loser and an asshole" why do you crave my attention so much?

Anonymous said...

Crave your attention? Haaaaaaaaa!

You are more like a damn freak show.

My point is that the entire Fox News Channel is fake. Your site, crooksandliars, etc. are biased little posts of news and opinion and you don't pretend to be anything different. Fox News on the other hand promotes itself as "fair and balanced"...which you and I both know is total crap.

I think it is also funny that everytime someone tries to figure out who I am they always think I'm male.

Oh well, who really cares anyway...