News of the Earth #9: Dead & Buried Edition

Greetings all you Earthlings.

It's your pal Xran here with another edition of...


FIDEL CASTRO IS DEAD! No really he is this time. This is not another rumour. Okay, it is another rumour, but we're prett
y sure he's dead. I mean he's been looking pretty corpse-like lately, so it's only a matter of time. Time Fidel has been borrowing for some time now, and his sub-prime lender is going belly-up. (Now that's good satire)
And in a related (sort of) matter...
THE INTERNET IS DEAD! At least according billionaire loudmouth Mark Cuban. He's got a good source for that, his H
DNet Dan Rather got a fax from a Kinko's in Abilene telling him so. You can't do better than that.
Did you catch how they're related? Cuban dictator dead- Mark Cuban says internet is dead... come on, that's really clever!
SENATOR WARNER CALLS FOR PULLOUT! A Senator whose been politically dead for years, John Warner, has found the way to transform himself from weak-willed RINO and professional chair filler for the Senate chamber to a "respected and important member of the GOP." He joins the Democrats in calling for a pull out of Iraq, though he only asks for a few thousand before Christmas. I guess only asking for a partial surrender makes him more conservative than those who ask for total surrender, but not by much.

FREE CARTOON SPEECH IS DEAD! Normally liberal cartoonist Berkely Breathed's comic strip Opus has been censored by several newspaper for the next couple of weeks for fear of drawing the ire of CAIR and their special combo of threats and intimidation that makes them so lovable.
Thats all for today folks!

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Redneck Chris said...

Ok Xran, yes that was clever in a geekly kind of way. I'll admit I chuckled.

I don't think free speech is dead. This isn't censorship. He has no right to be published. The newspapers have absolute control over what they deem appropriate. I think it's cowardly BS, but it is their right. Now if the Bush admin made the papers pull it for fear of being jailed or such, then, yes, it's censorship. But no matter how many cartoons Breathed has put out on how Bush is censoring people, it still isn't true.

I am surprised at him though. At least he has the nads to make such a cartoon. Look at other "brave and bold" artists. Serrano thinks he's making a bold statement dumping a crucifix into pea. Think he's got the balls to put a pic of mohammed into one? Yeah, right. Look at 24. In no season were the muslims the true bad dudes. They are always being controlled by some white european dude wanting oil. These artists talk a great game, but when it comes time, well, Android CAI/7-5342-X7 covered it below. At least Breathed tried. Too bad his newspapers were such cowards.

CAIR is a powerful bully. Wish someone would stand up to them...