The Leftist Mind: Magical Thinking

Greetings puny Earthlings.

It's time to take another dip into that political snake-pit known as THE LEFTIST MIND.

In the past we've discussed
how the leftist mind is essentially narrow-minded, bigoted, and fearful of facts and debate, today we'll discuss where the leftist mind goes when its mindset is challenged by reality...



Stick with me on this, we're not taking a trip to
where the wild things are. We're going to show how the left, who brag about their subtle and nuanced intellectual processes, actually think on extremely simplistic terms.

I can boil it down to this:

All problems have one simple cause.
And the size of that cause doesn't matter, it has magical powers!

All problems have one simple solution.
A one stop panaceae that will cure all and usher in an era of sunshine and puppies!

It's just that easy, but to go further, let's look at
some examples...

How the Left sees it:
The problem: 3rd World Poverty

The cause: America is too rich and that wealth sucks the life out of the 3rd World because there is no such thing as economic growth, only the Zero Sum game of having and not having.

The solution: Drain billions of dollars from America every year and give it away as aid to 3rd world governments.
How it works in the real world:
The problem: 3rd World poverty

The cause: Corruption and incompetence in their own governments that maintain their power through the exploitation of tribal/ethnic prejudices, superstition, violence, and the billions of dollars of Western aid delivered every year.

The solution: Revolutionize 3rd world societies by destroying their governments right down to the tribal level and offering real free market opportunities to the people, without the involvement or interference of politicians.
You see, the real situation and the solution
is a tad more complicated, and some might say impossible for anyone not capable of dropping hordes of heavily armed battle-droids from high orbit.

Another prime example is how the left views t
he American government. Now they can't be bothered with the immense amount of variables that any state has to deal with, they must boil it down to one simple problem:


Now Rove is a political campaign consultant, whose greatest gift is spotting the weaknesses of his political opponents and exploiting them.

But that's not enough for the leftists.

No way.

For Karl Rove to fit into their 'one problem/one solution' mindset he has to be more than a campaign operative, he has to be Beelzebub in a suit from Sears. He has to be the man who knows all, sees all, and above all, is the mephistophelean puppet master behind all.

He somehow made Richard Armitage blow Valerie Plame's cover as revenge for her husband's stance against the Bush-Hitler-Halliburton conspiracy!

He somehow stole the election in 2000 by making
the Florida vote count turn to Bush!

He somehow masterminded 9/11 by somehow getting Al Qaida and facets of the US government to cooperate in a massive conspiracy in under 8 months!

He has become magical.

That's why you'll find folks on the Left leaping on every rumour and tall tale about Rove as fact. Take for example this recent debate between Fox News' Chris Wallace and PBS brahmin Bill Moyers over Rove's religious affiliation...

I think it was GK Chesterton who said about people without any real spiritual belief outside of feeding their own ego, that those who don't believe in God end up believing in anything and everything.

Including that a clever political consultant could somehow be both god-like in his powers, and demonic in his personality.

Moyers didn't feel the need to fact check his sources, or just ask the man himself, the notion of a hypocritical 'dirty little secret' fit the magical narrative in his mind, so he was compelled to believe it.

And it goes on...

The cause of all wars?

America and its military industrial complex.

The solution to all wars?

Surrendering America and it's allies and making it powerless, then everyone will love them.

The weather changes?

America's very existence threatens the planet.

The solution to the environment?

Force America into a 3rd World lifestyle.

Don't like the Bush Administration?

Yeah, that works out so well for everyone.

I hope this magical little piece has illuminated an
d inspired you. Now keep watching the skies, because we're watching you...

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Sekhmet said...

Do you remember when the Left stood for liberty?

Fiar said...

You just don't understand the complexities and nuances of the oversimplification of everything.

Wyatt Earp said...

FIAR - Agreed. For example, SYLG doesn't get enough hits because Karl Rove put a voodoo curse on my Site Meter.

See how easy that was?