Howdy little Earthlings, Xran here with an important announcement.

In mid August our little blog had its second anniversary. Now Remulak didn't want to make a big fuss, but he's taking a week off to rule the Universe, leaving me and TekTak in charge, and we want a big fuss!

So here's the plan.

While Remulak's away we're going to organize a ROAST!

Yep, you've got it, a genuine Friars Club style Roast of the Known Universe's Beloved Blue skinned leader.

So I want you to tap into your inner Don Rickles and send in your best zingers, jokes, and one liners about our friend, our overlord to xran001(at)yahoo.ca.

Don't let the fact that he has no sense of humour and the largest and deadliest military in the Universe dissuade you, let it rip.

And to ensure the most people read about this upcoming roast... Here's that lovely stack of money that's been such a visit boon to us!
Catch you later!


RT said...

Remulak is so starved for "attention" that his whole body is blue.

Muslihoon said...

Yahoo dot ca?

You're a *Canadian*?!

Forget Remulak - who can rule the Universe but not his wife-being -, give me a good reason not to mock *you*.

Muslihoon said...

How do you mob Xran?

Tell him: "Hands up! I am of the proletariat! Hand over forthwith your imperialist-gotten capital assets to the working class, me! Eh!"

Or show him the picture of a gun. That's sure to scare him, eh.

Muslihoon said...

Why does the Molson guy shout "I am Canadian!"

Because otherwise men in white lab coats may haul him away.

Okay, that was neither here nor there, but I could not let it pass.

RT said...

Suspension of disbelief.

Damian G. said...

No, Mox isn't Canadian. Vox Poplar is. He's just stealing, er, borrowing his e-mail address for ever.

Xran The FleshRender said...

We use a Canadian hyperwave link to access your internet. All a lot of technical mumbo-jumbo, but it saves us about $5 a month.