Greetings puny Earthlings.

It's time check your reality and see that it is still there.

Let's get the ball rolling...

AL SHARPTON: If the Jena 6 case is the worst case of racial injustice you can find, then racial relations in the USA are waaaay better than anyone is willing to admit.

Let's look at the facts:
  • Three white kids hang a noose on a tree to harrass African-American kids.
  • They did not actually hang any African-American kids from that tree. No African-Americans died.
  • The white kids who hanged the noose get punished by the school and have a mark on their permanent records that will prevent them from attending any and all universities in the USA. (Not that kids dumb enough to hang a noose as a prank would actually get in to college)
  • Some African-American kids decide that's not enough punishment, so they jump and stomp the living snot out of a white kid who wasn't even involved in the noose incident.
  • You're complaining that charging the gang that dished out the beating with attempted murder is excessive, even though he did almost kill someone, and definitely put him in the hospital. That's at least aggravated assault.
Sorry Al. If that's the worst you can find, you're treading pretty shallow waters. And by the way, your attempt to justify the random stomping of a person, solely because of some offense committed by others of the same race, can now be used by real racists to justify doing a real lynching.

Of course, you're probably hoping to get a real racist lynching, because you can't keep waiting for white C-list celebrities to say something insensitive the rest of your life.

THE JENA 6: Al Sharpton is not really there to help you. Sure, he might get the charges dropped, but you will be marked forever as racist, yes racist, thugs who stomped half to death someone who wasn't even responsible for offending you in the first place simply because he was the right colour.

If you smacked around the actual noose hangers your actions could have been understandable, maybe even justifiable, especially if you showed some self control and didn't do anything that required hospitalization. It would have been written off as 'kids letting off steam' and how the noose-hangers 'asked for a whup'n.'

But you were stupid, and now you are being used by people with far more cunning. Hoping that the trouble you got yourselves into will incite some real racist anti-African American violence.

If Al Sharpton gets his wish, real racist yahoos will use you and your actions to justify real lynchings, because you thought two random wrongs somehow made everything right.

Well it didn't.

GLOBAL WARMING ALARMISTS: You are always so quick to question the motivations of people you like to call 'deniers.' You accuse them of being the pay of some sinister Bush-Halliburton-Big Oil cabal so fast you make The Flash look like a turtle with a limp.

Guess what: one of Global Warming's strongest preachers is actually in the pay of big business:

How many people, for instance, know that James Hansen, a man billed as a lonely "NASA whistleblower" standing up to the mighty U.S. government, was really funded by Soros' Open Society Institute , which gave him "legal and media advice"?

That's right, Hansen was packaged for the media by Soros' flagship "philanthropy," by as much as $720,000, most likely under the OSI's "politicization of science" program.

That may have meant that Hansen had media flacks help him get on the evening news to push his agenda and lawyers pressuring officials to let him spout his supposedly "censored" spiel for weeks in the name of advancing the global warming agenda.

Hansen even succeeded, with public pressure from his nightly news performances, in forcing NASA to change its media policies to his advantage. Had Hansen's OSI-funding been known, the public might have viewed the whole production differently. The outcome could have been different.

What do you do when this gets out?


You cover your ears and go "La-la-la-la!" and "I can't hear you!"

We're talking about George Soros, the king of hedge funds, a man who has profited hugely from creating economic and social chaos all over the world, who was convicted of insider trading in France, and is accused of being a prime mover in the looting of Eastern Europe after the fall of communism.

He should be the political left's greatest villain, a greedy capitalist who doesn't actually produce anything, but trouble.

Yet no one questions Soros' motives in supporting Hansen, or Hansen's motives for taking the money and promotional help, even though it meant switching his beliefs from an impending Ice Age, to a massive Global Bake-Off. In fact, the Left praises Soros as a 'philanthropist' even though the man has never done anything for anyone that didn't make him a lot of money.

If there is ever a time to question motives, it is now.

So get to it.

Keep watching the skies kids, because we're watching you.


Anonymous said...

Good stuff.


Sekhmet said...

The Left has to do *something* to retain the Black vote. After all, things are really changing for African-Americans. In fact, my aunt lives in a predominantly Black part of town.......with million-dollar houses.

Maybe one or two of her neighbors are athletes, but primarily, her neighbors are successful Black professionals, executives, and entrepreneurs. When you are The Man, sticking it to The Man stops looking so attractive.