REALITY CHECK!: Surrender Canada!

Okay, here's the story.

In Canada the most left-wing political party in its parliament is the New Democratic Party, or NDP*. The NDP recently declared that a certain action by Canada's Ministry of National Defense is the greatest atrocity of all and because of it Canada should pull out of Afghanistan and leave it for the Taliban.

What is this horrendous crime the Ministry of National Defense is accused of committing?

Oh the horror!

It appears that staffers from the Defense Ministry's public relations department helped compose a speech for Afghan Prez Hamid Kharzai to give to Canada's parliament and its people in general.

Now take a moment to think about it.

You're Kharzai, you have to go to Canada to give a speech to help inspire their people and parliament to continue helping bring your country out of the armpit of the dark-ages. Are you going to ad lib it all yourself on the spot, like the NDP wants you to, or are you going to ask your allies to help you phrase it in the way that best communicates the need for help.

Now if you're sitting there thinking that to call the NDP's argument retarded would be an insult to the retarded of the world, you have a functioning brain in your head.

If you agree with the NDP, then you know nothing about the necessities of war, and were probably repeatedly dropped on your head in your infancy.

George Orwell said: "The quickest way to end a war is to lose it."

This encapsulates the mindset of the NDP. They profess what I call "phony pacifism." They don't really want peace, because peace can only really be possible through strength, trade, and the spread of democracy. Those things are anathema to the NDP, so they go the phony pacifist route.

They don't really want peace, they just want the western democracies to lose.

Sure the Islamofascist horde is an intolerant, imperialist, sexist, homophobic and racist faction that seeks to destroy everything the NDP claims to stand for, but Leftists imbue no real value to their so-called values, as long as it smashes what they hate.

That happens to be western civilization.

Osama knows this, that's why his last missive from the grave cave trotted out all the old lefty talking points about Global Warming, 'Root Causes' and other nonsense. A move latter mirrored by Ahmadinejad of Iran in his speech at Columbia U.

And since the average Lefty derives their identity not from their loves, but from their hates, they look at these and say to themselves: "They hate who I hate, they must be good."

So they do everything in their power to undermine the defense of western civilization. From filing nuisance lawsuits, smearing political opponents, undermining public morale in the media, to finally, claiming that a simple speech is somehow cause to cast an entire nation into darkness and horror.

They will do anything, and will stop at nothing.

Keep watching the skies, because we're watching you.

*In an ironic footnote, the founder of the NDP was Tommy Douglas, a Protestant minister who created it as a Christian socialist alternative. Nowadays it is the most virulently anti-Christian group outside the Church of Satan. In other news Tommy Douglas' grandson is '24' star Keifer Sutherland.


Wyatt Earp said...

When you finally conquer us, can you take Canada first?

jpm100 said...

I've always wondered how the NDP and groups like it can get so many useful idiots to support them.

When the NDP took over Ontario one time (their only time), they basically did nothing, even screwed over, my hometown which was a NDP stronghold.

I guess they got what they deserved.

Erin said...

I'm glad to see you write about some of the lunacy that goes on in my country! The NDP and the Green Party are wacko, freedom-hating, human-hating, gaia-worshipping, common-sense-despising batshit hippies.

But please remember, not all is retarded in the land of Canada! We have lots of good things....I just hope the good triumphs over the evil.


Chris said...

Hunt them, and kill them.