Greetings organic creatures of the planet Earth.

Android CAI-7 here to offer an apology on behalf of Remulak MoxArgon for the light posting. He has a bad case of the Antarian flu and the others are keeping their distance until he is no longer contagious.

Since we need to do something to keep you immature little meat-sacks entertained I was ordered to announce that we are going to hold another edition of ASK THE MOXARGON GROUP.

So here's your chance to derive wisdom from one of the greatest minds in the galaxy, and Remulak and the other group members will be there too...



How did he hear that?

Anyway, leave your question in the pleas section.



Damian G. said...

Is it possible that She Who Must Not Be Named may be elected President of the United States?

RT said...

Why are people stupid?

Sekhmet said...

Damian, just call him Voldemor----I mean Hillary!

Anyway, isn't it way too early to call an election that is over a year away? So why do people try?

B.C. said...

Why do people have their poodles shaved to make them look like even bigger wusses than they already are?

Why does nose & ear hair become thicker & longer as a person gets older? Are old people exposed to more dust, dirt and other environmental detritus than the rest of the human race?

What do atheists yell when they're having an orgasm?

Wouldn't it be easier for cats to just jump into water and get their baths over with, in once fell swoop, instead of licking themselves for 18 hours per day? (And getting hairballs in the process.)

Anonymous said...

What is the meaning of life, the universe, and everything? (I know it isn't 42)

Wyatt Earp said...

Why do I suffer from anal bleeding after I watch a DNC campaign commercial?

jpm100 said...

I've wondered about the existence of the human soul.

I'm guessing Hillary just doesn't have one and George Soros has a Black Malignant one. Or do I have that backwards?

Anonymous said...

Why do some people think they own cats when if the cat were bigger than you they would happily eat you!

Kyra said...

If California is so great, why do I see so many California plates heading East on I-40?