After the controversy over their last 'poster-child' for health care the Democrats have found a new spokes-kid, and they've paid chosen us to host his debut.


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(Age 10 & Concerned About Health Care)

Hi America.

I am an average American working class child, who has not been coached or prepared in any way and I'm here to tell you that George W. Bush hates children.

And he really hates sick and injured children.

You see, last year I got really badly hurt after my Dad's Escalade turned over while we were driving to our beach house. I was hurt really bad, and we didn't have any health insurance, so we got the government to pay for it with the CHIP program.

Now George W. Bush took that all away!

Well, actually he didn't take it all away. The CHIP program that paid for my health care is still in place. But Bush vetoed plans to expand it to
cover even richer people, but the Democratic Party wants me to make you think that he canceled the whole thing.

The CHIP program is very important.

It gives my father the excuse he needs to avoid purchasing health insurance as a self-employed personal injury attorney.

Which is great, because if he had to actually pay for his own family's health insurance:

He'd have to give up his plans to buy a new sailboat this summer and wait until next fall, which will be too late to enjoy sailing season in the Hamptons. He will be a social pariah!

He'd have to wait until after the Super Bowl before he replaced our 50 inch plasma screen with a 72 inch plasma screen. The inhumanity!

My sister Buffy and I might be forced to leave our $20,000+ a yea
r private school and have to attend a Public School, which might have non-white students in it. The horror!
So please come out and support the Democratic Party as they try to make you think that Bush canceled a children's health care program, which is mostly spent on childless adults, when all he did was veto the expansion of it to cover kids like this one.

Rich kids need health care paid for by your tax dollars too.

So remember, Vote Democrat, the billionaires who control the party really are looking out for your best interests.

Aren't they?

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