The Leftist Mind: Long Term Thinking....

Greeting puny Earthlings.

While packing for our annual Halloween trip to Earth I started thinking about why the political left cannot be trusted in a time of war.

Now you're probably going to say something about how treacherous, untrustworthy, and ruthless they are when it comes to their own power, but I realized something else about them.

They have no sense of long-term thinking.

They are so wrapped in trying to grab power they give no consideration to the possible consequences of their actions. It's become even worse in this age of the political sound-byte.

They should, but they don't.

Take for example the California wildfires.

There used to be a program to have controlled fires on dry years so the underbrush could be cleared in order to prevent uncontrolled fires from reaching inhabited areas.

But that program was stopped.


Because various lefty-environmentalist groups thought these controlled burns annoyed some animals, and had to be stopped.

They didn't think that they lived in an arid desert that is hit annually by the hot dry Santa Anna winds.

They didn't think that uncontrolled growth caused by wet years would become a fire-trap in a dry year.

They didn't think about how a dry year, dry underbrush, the Santa Anna winds and a dingus with a book of matches would combine to unleash horrendous destruction on the habitats they claim to defend.

They still don't.

Instead they're busy trying to score political points by blaming the fires on Global Warming, the Iraq War, or that George W. Bush won't replace the Marine Corps with Code Pink to think about the real cause of the fire.

Now you see how they would handle the War on Terror.

They would pull out of Iraq, return Afghanistan to the Taliban, end all counter-terror operations, open up Gitmo, declare peace in their time and then wonder why all those buildings are getting blown up.

They don't realize that an absence of a declared war is not peace, or that the quickest way to end a war is to lose it.

They can't even see how their grandstanding and manufacturing of scandals will turn around and bite them on the ass.

Imagine Hillary Clinton winning the Presidency. And once you get past the rivers of fire, the bleeding moon, and the Four Horsemen riding through Times Square, she will begin reaping what she has sown.

After years of Democrats obstructing judicial and cabinet nominees, the Republicans will strike back with a vengeance. They will filibuster every nominee from the Supreme Court to White House assistant janitor, and talk radio and blogs will cheer them on.

And you couldn't imagine the hell unleashed when she tries to replace the US Attorneys. The media will try to downplay it as traditional when administration's change, but the alternative media will raise the scandal banner and wave it for the whole world to see.

Democrats made it scandalous, and turnabout is fair play.

And they better hope that there isn't a natural disaster during her term. If the National Guard, no doubt cut to the bone by the Democrats, doesn't respond before the local police, there will be hell to pay.

Democrats demanded that the Federal government take over the role of first responder over local authorities after Katrina. And if they don't respond first, then they their critics will scream scandal!

So remember, before you vote, think about the long term.

Keep watching the skies because we're watching you.


Redneck Chris said...

The republicans are too big a bunch of pussies to do that. As soon they tried any of that and the media started to run their anti republican stories they would collapse like a house of cards. Hillary will get her way every where every time. Hell, we can't even talk the truth about her without someone from the republicans trashing the messenger.

Wish it was true, but highly doubtful.

jpm100 said...

The Republicans passed Ginsberg. A freaking ACLU lawyer.

They fear a media berating like chris says.

And although the right side of the blogosphere may see it differently, they still are a minority. The MSM still has major sway over perceived public outrage.

RT said...

Simply, they are too wrapped up in the emotion of the moment to clearly think things through in a rational manner. They then start placing blame in the wrong areas and make statements that make them look silly. Unfortunately, there are like-minded people out there that operate in the same manner.

RememberSekhmet said...

I think this is just a symptom of the Left's desperation. Unless they can get all the illegals on their side, demographics are not in their favor (Same old Sekhmet, this time I can has blog)