They're COMING!

My lovable alien colleagues are coming to Earth for their annual Halloween trip.

Their intentions are to plunder candy, scare children, annoy adults, and Remulak is insisting on meeting Fox Business Hollywood pundit Govindini Murty.

Now let's look back at past attempts to meet Earth women he likes...

Michelle Malkin- shot him in the shoulder.

Mary Katherine Ham- maced him. And I'm not talking about pepper spray, I'm talking medieval weaponry.

Remulak doesn't have good luck when it comes to pitching woo. He thinks he's a romantic, I think he's just a glutton for punishment.

And I hope that Xran doesn't make himself sick from eating candy again.

It took me a week to get the smell out of my 96 Corolla.

So if you see certain aliens around this Halloween, just give them candy and get out their way.

Gotta run. Their ship will be landing any minute.

God help the planet Earth.

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