Greetings puny Earthlings.

In my last post I discussed what new laws will be coming when I conquer your planet. And I'd like to add on more.

I will end Libel Tourism.

If it's true. It ain't libel, and there will be no court in the Known Universe that'll say otherwise.

This short video explains why....

Keep coming with ideas for new laws for my brutal regime to enact and keep watching the skies because we're watching you.

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Your Jewish Master said...

You probably already know that the Jews run things down here. Now, the Ron Paul supporters have been doing their best to expose our Zionist Conspiracy and New World Order, but have been able to keep close track, and eliminate the squeekiest wheels.
But my office did not receive any memo, let alone tribute from the Moxargons. And I must say, I am shocked. You know you face great annoyance when you get here, due to the aforementioned Zionist Conspiracy and New World Order. Just ask the Ron Paulians. So do the right thing, no-nose!

For now, you will be entered into the Blogroll for further investigation.