An Androind Among The Links

Greetings organic meatbags of Earth.

Instead of doing my usual Android Among the Stars segment I have decided to rest my circuits and link to a pop-culture blog that has done some cogent analysis of Hollywood and the movie business.

The blogger's name is Furious D, and I must give Remulak what you Earthlings call a hat-tip for telling me about this blog. He looks at Hollywood's contempt for everyone and everything, how Hollywood is like a sociopathic version of High School with it's pecking orders. He even suggests people stop buying DVDs to help end the strike, explains how Hollywood does business, and even has a formula for determining a star's true value.

I hope this friend of Remulak's appreciates the links.


PS: Remulak insists that you send more suggestions for laws to enact when he conquers your planet by visiting this post and leaving a comment. He promises to review them and give you his judgement at the end of the week.


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