The Leftist Mind: Standards, Double and Otherwise...

Author Stephen King recently suggested in Time Magazine that Jenna Bush be water-boarded. The reason stating that it is the only way he would accept that water-boarding is not the equivalent of electrodes to the genitals.

Thanks for that Stephen, I'm sure it will get you invited to the next Hillary Clinton fund-raiser and land you a seat next to the alcohol preserved corpse of Norman Mailer, but it says more than it intended.

You remember all the fuss over Monica Lewinsky and her antics with Bill the Husband of Hillary.

Well, how do you think the press would react if a Republican demanded that Chelsea Clinton be forced to perform fellatio on her boss, and then stick a cigar where cigars are not meant to go, just to prove that Miss Lewinsky wasn't engaged in degrading sexual relations with an older authority figure?

They would shit kittens and call that person a pervert and a freak who should be cast into the outer darkness for bullying a defenseless young woman because of her father's politics.

Yet Stephen King calls for the water-boarding of a young woman, and he will no doubt be praised by those same people for "speaking truth to power."

And look at when Jenna got caught sneaking into bars before her 21st birthday. She sneaks a few underage beers and suddenly she's the sign of America's total collapse at the hands of her Hitlerian father and subjected to scorn and ridicule that still go on, despite the incidents being years ago.

Yet Al Gore III drives like a maniac, stoned out of his mind on illegal pot and prescription meds, and these same media figures who screamed how Bush should be punished for Jenna having a beer, are demanding that Al Gore II be drafted as President.

Was this double standard because little Al's antics, though potentially lethal for innocent bystanders, were done in a carbon sensitive Prius?


It's simply because Jenna's father is a Republican president.

And it's not just the media who practice strange and erratic double standards.

Look at the political left that's the Democratic Party's base.

They compare people opposed to churches being forced to perform same-sex weddings to Nazis.

Yet these same people are offended when someone uses the term fascist to describe those who imprison, torture and hang homosexuals.


And let's look at this strange moral inversion created by double standards which is glaringly obvious in the Muslim world.

Saudi Arabia is planning to dish out 200 lashes to a rape victim, for being raped.

This same country recently released 1,500 members of Al Qaida, for 'counseling.'

That's right, get raped, get whipped.

Murder, or help someone murder others, and you'll get a nice talking to, that will cure you of your urge to kill.


And look at a recent story from Sudan.

Islamic authorities have arrested a British teacher and is threatening her with flogging and imprisonment for the crime of naming a teddy bear Muhammad.

And yet it doesn't bother them in the least that when reading a list of recent mass murderers, and terrorists variations of the name Muhammad keep popping up over and over again.

Cuddly Gentle Teddy Bear= Blasphemy

Mass Slaughter= Heroic Praise

So let me get to my point.

Having a double standard means you have no standards at all.

In fact, it marks a definite lack of moral and intellectual courage. Especially when these same people who practice double standards aim the bulk of their venom on those who will most likely not respond with violence.

King is basically praising himself for being so courageous about attacking someone verbally knowing full well that he won't be attacked physically in response.

That's why Saudi law and order is eager to whip a defenseless young woman, but too chicken shit to dispense real justice to murderers. She will probably never kill anyone, but the terrorists are willing to plant some bombs to get their way.

And it's also why terrorists blow up markets, mosques, and office buildings by using demented suicide bombers, or remote controlled IEDs. Because they know they can't hack it in a fair fight against a trained and experienced enemy.

If anyone on the left had any real standards they'd stand up to Islamofascism alongside the right.

But since the average leftist is basically defenseless and a coward, they're a perfect target for terrorism. Hence their 'give them what they want' attitude.

And if terrorists had any real standards... well, they wouldn't be terrorists at all.


cmblake6 said...

Kill them ALL! We've got drills that will go through glass.

Anonymous said...

King is of a dying breed....
Their generation is ending with a pfffffffffffffffffffffttt.....

~Fathairybastard~ said...

Loved readin' that. Nice work.

joated said...

Can't say I loved it, but you've made some excellent points.

Seems the left is always the first to scream about diversity yet the last to practice it. (Why is their a Black Caucus on the Hill? Aren't Blacks part and parcel of the citizenry? What ever happened to "I have a dream...."?)

The first to scream about their right of free speech being infringed upon despite having free access to protests, print media and the air waves. Yet they have no trouble interupting and shutting down other speakers with whom they disagree.

Scream and yell about Global Climate Change and then climb into their private jt to scoot off to Bali with 30,000 like minded souls to discuss the problem. (Never heard of conference calls?)

Decry the 2nd Amendment and work to ban guns for self defense, yet hire armed body guards to watch their back everywhere they go.

The list could go on and on and on.

Wyatt Earp said...

When you conquer the Earth, make sure the liberals are your slaves first.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of teddy bears...

I've decided to buy someone a teddy bear, and of course have named the bear "Mohammed." If that offends any Muslims, tough cookies, is all I can say. If I really wanted to upset the Muslims, I would have bought a pet snake and named it Mohammed.

-- chicopanther

Jeff McMahon said...

I notice that, amidst all of the writing here, that nobody has apparently bothered to think about the point of all this: that waterboarding is illegal torture.

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