News of the Earth #12: The Sterile Edition

Howdy Earthlings!

It's your buddy Xran here with another edition of NEWS OF THE EARTH!

Let's get the ball rolling!

DATELINE- ENGLAND: A British woman caused a bit of a stir when she said that she had an abortion and was sterilized because baby's little feet leave too big a carbon footprint. This is the next step in the de-evolution of the green movement, which used to be about 'saving the Earth for future generations' to 'killing future generations to save the Earth.'

Congratulations Al Gore, your Church of Gaia is now officially a suicide cult.

I'm willing to bet Rigellian Dolpaks to donuts that Al Gore is currently lobbying the Democrats in congress for a bill to force people to buy millions of his bogus carbon offsets or face sterilization or state mandated abortion.

It's the ultimate money maker.

DATELINE- CANTERBURY ENGLAND: The Archbishop of Canterbury said the USA is worse than Britain in its imperialist heyday. This statement, to a Muslim magazine achieved 2 things. It exposed the Archbishop's complete ignorance of history, and it won the Archbishop one day when a Muslim isn't plotting to cut his throat.

DATELINE- CALIFORNIA: Malibu is burning again. Which says something about building multi-million dollar homes on top of tinder dry brush-wood.

DATELINE- ANNAPOLIS MARYLAND: Syria says that they will attend the Annapolis Middle East peace summit. They give their reason as free food, and loads of aid for signing a treaty they have no intention of honouring.


Wyatt Earp said...

Annapolis??? What, was Cleveland booked solid???

cmblake6 said...

Perhaps this sterilization of moonbats will spread. Perhaps they'll go that further step and show the nobility of ceasing their own carbon footprint. Kool-Aid, anyone?