NEWS OF THE EARTH #11: Slow News Week Edition

Hello Mr. & Mrs. Blogosphere and all her blogs in Cyberspace.

Vox Poplar here, let's go to press.

DATELINE- WASHINGTON: Hillary Clinton made a bold stand for feminism after her rivals for the Democratic Presidential nomination ganged up on her at an MSNBC debate. She told them to stop picking on her because she's a girl, or she'd cry. She also demanded $80 million in campaign contributions or she'd cry. When I asked her biggest contributor about this, the Communist Party of Red China said "No comment."

DATELINE- IRAQ: Casualties and violence continue to decline rapidly in Iraq. In the spirit of the mainstream media, I will now ignore it and report on the antics of Britney Spears as if it mattered.

DATELINE- HOLLYWOOD: The Teamsters announced that they will not work during the Hollywood writer's strike. No one in Hollywood noticed.


Davros said...

Hillary's biggest contributors? Eight year-old kids! Who knew paper routes and lemonade stands paid so well.

Chris said...

All too true.