The Leftist Mind: The Moral High Ground

Next time some lefty says that al-Qaida has the "moral high ground" because the USA has water-boarded some of their leaders, show them this clip...

And then ask them: Is 30 seconds to 2 minutes of water-boarding on a known terrorist leader really worse than the hours, if not days, of agony and murder dispensed by the people who ran that house?

Don't forget to mention that the people tortured in this house weren't terrorists or even American agents. Just ordinary folk who just happened to end up on al Qaida's bad side.

And don't forget to carefully explain who ran this torture house (Islamic terrorists) and who shut it down (American soldiers).

And if they don't change their mind... tell them that calling them retarded would be an insult to the retarded.

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Wyatt Earp said...

We should hold the scene, and use it for further "interrogations" of al Qaeda. Bastards.

"Religion of Peace," my arse.