'Tis The Season For Holiday Idiocy!

Greetings puny Earthlings!

And a big fat MERRY CHRISTMAS from all of us at the MoxArgon Group.

That's right I said Merry Christmas.

Not Happy Holidays.

Because that term has been co-opted by the fascistic PC word police who every year try to stamp out the holidays religious origins as well as any fun and joy.

And this year is no different.

First some pseudo-feminists in Sydney Australia tried to ban mall Santas from saying 'Ho-Ho-Ho!'

Their reason: It may offend women.

So let me get this straight.

These so-called feminists, are saying that women are too stupid to discern the difference between Santa being jolly and a rapper being sexist?

That's taking a stand for the rights of women.

And on the celebrity front Barbra Walters was shocked and appalled that the annual White House Christmas card dared to have a religious message.

Her reason: It might offend non-Christians, atheists, and Muslims.

Now this is where you Earthlings lose me.

That's because I use something called logic, which you folks don't seem too keen on.

Barbra Walters assumes that all non-Christians, atheists, and Muslims are so twisted with hatred of Christianity and its followers that they would be offended by the simple act of a Christian wishing them well during one of their most important religious holidays.


Now in the rest of the Universe we have a wide variety of people, and no one is offended by anyone wishing them well.

You see I'm a Catholic, but when TekTak wishes me a Happy Hannukah, I don't fly into an offended rage and file a lawsuit and a complaint with the Inhumanoid Rights Commission like Barbra Walters' friends. I wish him well right back, because even though our beliefs are different we still accept that the other person says that they want us to be happy at this time of year.

So what's the problem with a Christian wishing that a Jew, Muslim, Atheist, Hindu, Buddhist, Jain, Shinto, or Wiccan have a good time during their religious holiday. Any decent Christian wouldn't be offended by someone from another religion wishing them well according to their own traditions.

It's called good manners.

We're talking about a time of year that's supposed to be based on giving, happiness, and other warm fuzzy feelings, and anyone who is offended by that I can only say one thing...


...and keep watching the skies because we're watching you.


Your Jewish Master said...

Thanks. Right back atcha!

Scott said...

So what's the problem with a Christian wishing that a Jew, Muslim, Atheist, Hindu, Buddhist, Jain, Shinto, or Wiccan have a good time during their religious holiday.(?)

Nothing at all, except to the legal weasels that originated this crap.

Would you mind exterminating the breed, we'd really appreciate it?

jpm100 said...

Just a general trivia FYI.

The X is Xmas is from the Greek spelling for Christos. Christ in English.

So Xmas is a slight to some because of shorthand usage of the name of Christ, but otherwise it is saying Christmas. Some people mistakenly believe it was a secular representation of Christmas because of how easily advertisers are attracted to it because it saves ad space and ink.

Merry Christmas to all!

waltj said...

To follow up with JPM's comment, early Christian iconography often used the Greek letters "chi" and "rho" (appearing as x and p) as a symbols for Christ. So the "x" in Xmas isn't a recent convention, but in fact goes back to the earliest days of Christianity. And Merry Christmas!