NEWS OF THE EARTH #15: The Clemency Edition

Hi Earthlings.

Your pal TekTak here with another edition of...


Once again the city has revealed its true nature by presenting over 3 QUADRILLION DOLLARS worth of claims for damage done by Hurricane Katrina. That's right, one little city in a swamp known pretty much as a place to get drunk and get murdered, claims to be worth more than the rest of the planet combined. I'd make a joke, but the city's already a tragic joke.

DATELINE- LONDON: It turns out that the Lancet study that claimed over 650,000 civilian deaths in the Iraq War was co-funded by George Soros. Gee, a pro-terror/anti-American propaganda piece being funded by the same hedge fund billionaire who is the main-money-man for the Democratic Party, who'd have thunk it? Is it just me, or is anyone else wondering why everything that's anti-American seems to lead back to a single rich businessman?

And onto other business: MoxArgon has a real hate-on for Mike Huckabee, and wants you to submit 'Amazing Mike Huckabee Facts' here. And here's a video (h/t Rottweiller) to get you riled up.

And while you're surfing check out our friend Furious D's pop-culture blog. The most recent posts are about 'Anger Management' and the 'High Cost of Filmmaking.' Interesting stuff for people interested in what's really going on in Hollywood.

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