2 Michelles & One Angry Brandy

Greetings puny Earthlings.

Michelle Malkin wrote an article critical of Michelle Obama's statements that her husband's success made her proud of America for the first time in her adult life, and got this angry letter from an Obama supporter.

And be warned, like a lot of Leftist attempts at arguments, its language is NSFW.

from Brandy Priestess playpoli@yahoo.com
to malkinblog@gmail.com,
date Feb 20, 2008 8:44 AM
subject: Bitch, you’re retarded and your thoughts on Madame President Obama doesn’t count

Michelle Malkin,
No matter how many white men you fuck and no matter how many white asses you kiss, you will always be “A wanna be white woman”, silly ass Bitch..

Except Bitch,” 2 asians fucking, don’t make a white”. Do you really think Mrs. Obama gives a fuck about what you think about her?

You have a lot to be thankful for Bitch, fucking a white man gave you a good life in America, a life you could never have where your fucking ancestors were born.

Just be thankful that your lack of self decency allowed you to suck the white man’s dick to get where you are in life, you fucking sell out cunt.


Show me the white woman named Ming Lee Malkin, but there’s tons of sell out Asian Bitches like yourself who think nothing of naming your Asian and bi-racial children white names. Blacks have white names because of Slavery, you have white names and semen in your body because you hate yourself and your slant eyes.

You pray that your bi-racial child by a white man will come out more white than Asian.

No wonder the white man loves Asia to fill out all of his pedophile tendencies, you Bitches will move in with him and let him fuck your children just as long as he’ll give you his credit card and allow you to pretend that you’re an honorary white woman. BITCH PLEASE.

FYI HO: “Fuck you and the Bitch (your mother) that had you.”

Now how’s that for free speech, silly dumb ass HO?


Let's begin at the beginning:

Subject Line:
1) It opens with an insult. Mostly rude, childish name-calling, which is the Leftist's first line of defence when presented with an actual argument.

2) It declares that Michelle Malkin's "thoughts don't count" because the Leftist hates free thought and free expression.and regularly decide whose opinions "count" and whose "don't count."

3) It contains an factual error. Michelle Obama is not "Madame President" and isn't even running for that position. She is the wife of a candidate for the nomination of a political party. If you can't tell the difference, then you don't deserve to vote.
First Paragraph:
1) Like pretty much all attacks against Mrs. Malkin, they open with attacks on how they perceive Michelle Malkin began her career. And since Leftists are also hard-core racists, they cannot acknowledge that she may have succeeded through hard work and perseverance, and automatically assumed that her career was somehow dispensed to her by "The White Man" in exchange for some sort of sexual favour. I understand that's how Dennis Prager got his start.

2) The Leftist's racist beliefs assume that anyone who is not white, and not a leftist like them, is some sort of "race traitor" who is a "wannabe white person." This is because the Leftist does not see people as individuals but groups, who should not be capable of independent thought.
Second Paragraph:
1) Restate racist/sexist "wannabe" comments with typically dreadful grammar. The Leftist is a firm believer in Goebbels who said that if you lie loud enough and often enough, it becomes the truth.

2) The Leftist declares that Madame President Obama is too important, too god-like, to worry about criticism, leaving that job to inarticulate ranters like herself. This comes from the Leftist's innate fascist desire for the classic "strongman" who will solve all the world's problems.
Third Paragraph:
1) Restate racist/sexist statements.
Fourth Paragraph:
1) Restate racist/sexist statements.
Fifth Paragraph:
1) The Leftist declares Michelle's expulsion from the sorority of "women of colour" for her failure to blindly obey the party line, and for using the party's own language of identity politics against them. The Leftist hates it when their own tropes are used against them in intelligent arguments.
Sixth Paragraph:
1) The Leftist shifts their racist/sexist attacks using wildly inaccurate ethnography based more on preconceived prejudices that any actual fact. The Leftist Mind is a racist mind.

2) Play the "slave card" even though slaves haven't existed in America for over 140 years, and just forget about the war to end slavery that killed hundreds of thousands of white men.

3) Project own self-hatred onto Malkin for having her own mind.
Seventh Paragraph:
1) Project more self-hatred onto Malkin using her children as fair game, even though you're attacking her for criticizing an adult over public statements.
Eighth Paragraph:
1) Since racist/sexist attacks are getting stale the Leftist then shifts to mean spirited attacks against her family. Including accusations of paedophilia, based on their own deluded prejudices.

2) Then the Leftist brings up the old "Asian prostitute/White pervert sugar-daddy attack" again, because the Leftist is basically a racist who if they didn't have their prejudices, they wouldn't have anything in their brains.
Ninth Paragraph:
1) One last childish and foul mouthed foot-stomp.
Tenth Paragraph:

1) Then the Leftist declares their own right to free speech, as a defence for their attempts to bully someone else out of theirs. Because deep down, they're all hypocrites.
I hope you Earthlings found this illuminating, and keep watching the skies, because we're watching you.
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Thomas Smith said...

I'm guessing that at least half of that letter should be credited to Mr Jack Daniels of Tennessee. I call plagiarism!